Victoria Esquivel
Sports Editor

“I would look at it as a great opportunity. Nobody has seen any other quarterback at the school for four years, so it’s a good opportunity in Franklin’s hands to set his own mark and make his own name this coming season,” Bonita Vista High School varsity football Head Coach Aaron Jones said.

Senior Franklin Forbes is varsity football’s new fresh set of arms as he becomes BVH’s new quarterback. Forbes has been the second-string quarterback to the well-known star quarterback alumni Anthony Posada, who took the team to California Interscholastic Federation semifinals back in 2015.

“It does put a lot of pressure on me to just play up to his level, but I am in a new division and I understand the responsibilities it takes to fill this role,” Forbes said.

Forbes had been a starting varsity quarterback his freshman year at San Ysidro High School under former Head Coach Brandon Hawkins before moving to Bonita. Hawkins is now in charge of training the Barons’ quarterback.

“At a very early age he exhibited maturity and leadership that a lot of the seniors on the team did not possess, and quite frankly I trust him,” Hawkins said. “I will tell you personally, Franklin, he’s a good kid. He’s not a kid that gets in trouble, he gets really good grades and he’s a religious kid. I love him, he’s like a son to me.”

Hawkins and Forbes have had a close relationship throughout Forbes’ four years playing varsity football. Hawkins personally attends to the quarterback during training sessions and works with Forbes to improve his game.

“We work on his timing, we work on his delivery and we work on his breathing. A big part about playing quarterback is about being calm, even though there are 11 guys who are trying to tear your head off. Somebody that can remain calm in that situation is somebody we look to lead our team. Franklin can do it,” Hawkins said.

With a rough start to the season, the team—along with their new quarterback—have received a lot of negative criticism from the student body, especially after the game against Point Loma High School, where the team was unable to score.

“I take it personally but I am kinda used to this. I’ve always been on teams that have been inferior. I just let my teammates know that ‘Hey don’t worry about what they are doing because they aren’t out there on the field with us and they don’t know the struggles of becoming a good team,’” Forbes said. “We are a young team, we have a new coaching staff and it’s just a process we are definitely going to change the culture and it might not be this year or next year but the football team is going to turn around and become something great.”

According to Jones and Hawkins, a big trait that is looked for within a quarterback is the ability to lead the team and be the primary example to their peers. The quarterback cannot be someone who gets in trouble, has Saturday school, does not make grades and is ineligible to play. Forbes was the opposite of all those traits.

“We are looking for a combination guy that can throw it, can run it and is a great leader. As a quarterback, you have to be a great leader on and off the field, and Franklin embodies all of those traits,” Jones said.

Hawkins stated that Forbes is a Division I high school quarterback, however, there is always room for improvement. With a new team, coaching staff and plays, Jones believes Forbes has adjusted well.

“I think he’s doing a good job. He’s put in a tough situation playing for one offense his first year of high school and a completely different offense that he ever ran, and it’s all brand new to him,” Jones said.

Forbes hopes to lead his team and keep a positive attitude for the remainder of the season and to make the student body proud. Jones said Forbes is the best chance at winning and is the best man to run this year’s offense.

“It’s different in a sense. I’ve always been on a varsity position so I didn’t know what it felt like to be playing behind someone.I was kinda thrown into the position and I just feel like this senior year it will take a toll on me because it’s going to be my last year. Everyone’s rooting for the team to do good and right now we are off to a bad start but I feel like we are going to pick up,” Forbes said.