Kara Barragan
Photography Editor

Bonita Vista High freshman Midori Castillo Meza has been playing tennis competitively for seven years now. Castillo Meza trains to play at the professional level, ultimately her dream and passion.

parents influenced her to begin playing tennis, which made it her dream to be a professional tennis player.

“My parents started playing tennis, I first saw it as a normal sport, but then found a passion for it. So I decided to start playing competitive tennis,” M. Castillo Meza said.

In order to prepare for many tournaments and games, M. Castillo Meza trains up to three hours daily. She trains in Torrey Pines, Tecate, and Eastlake. M. Castillo Meza plans on being homeschooled next year to balance demands of athletic and academic priorities. Her overall dream is to be a professional tennis player, which motivates her to work hard in order to reach that goal.

“As a player, she is a very strong and a hardworking girl. She is very determined when playing and will train as hard as she can to meet her goals,” M. Castillo Meza’s sister sophomore, Naomi Castillo Meza said.

After training, M. Castillo Meza has attended tournaments in several different locations, including Europe, Mexico, and Canada. During winter break, she will be traveling to South America. Tournaments at several locations differentiate in both the environment and levels.

“Europe was really hard and intense because the level is better and the surface of the court was different. At Bonita, we play on hard courts, but in Europe, they play on clay courts which is kind of slippery. But it was a pretty good experience,” M. Castillo Meza said.

Castillo Meza had represented Mexico and she took up the opportunity to the United States of America Association to represent the USA.

“She has a lot of tournaments. We play nationals here in the USA, we played nationals in Mexico, and right now we are planning to go to South America,” M. Castillo Meza’s father Pablo Castillo Meza said.

From all the practices and tournaments, it feeds on M.Castillo Meza’s time to be able to interact with her friends and family. While playing, she has to be on a restricted diet as well, in order to stay in shape and not lose energy.

The pros are that she is very disciplined, she has a very healthy diet, and she is very organized. The cons are that she doesn’t have a lot of time to spend time with the family and she doesn’t participate in other activities because she can get hurt,” P. Castillo Meza said.  

Over the summer, the Castillo Mezas planned on visiting Tokyo for a trip, but Midori decided to stay back home and dedicate herself to tennis and becoming a better player.

“She has never lost interest. She always wants to practice, and she doesn’t even want to go on vacation because she always wants to practice,” P. Castillo Meza said.

In the future, M. Castillo Meza hopes to continue her tennis career and attend a Professional Circuit, instead of a college or university.

“ When you win a round, you win 20,000 dollars. So, a lot of young people get out of high school and then go to either university, college or Professional Circuit, but it all depends on what you want,” M. Castillo Meza said.

With support from family and friends, M. Castillo Meza will pursue her career as a professional tennis player. She expects to use her familial support to continue training with the ultimate goal of competing at the highest caliber of tennis.

“She’s an athlete that knows what she really wants, and she is willing to sacrifice a lot of her time in order for her to make her dream come true,” P. Castillo Meza said.