Cameron Gregg

“Let’s make these dreams come true,” Hampson-Medina said.

The Associated Student Body at Bonita Vista High School has been working since the beginning of the school year to grant wishes. The new ASB commission of Student Recognition assist in finding more creative ways to show their appreciation towards students and staff, one of these ways being Wednesday Wishes.

The idea of Wednesday Wishes was presented by last year’s ASB President, Frank Rodriguez, and finally implemented this year by the 2017-2018 ASB officers as well as Assistant Principal of BVH in charge of student activities Christopher Alvarez, who decided that this activity would truly benefit the students at BVH. According to Alvarez, the commission of Student Recognition is a combination of recognizing students as well as teachers.

“[We] just felt we wanted to reach out to the students more and to make it a nice environment and to get that family commitment, school spirit, and recognize students as a whole,” Alvarez said about the implementation of the student recognition commissioners.

Some of the goals that Alvarez had set for the student recognition commissioners was what prompted the ASB to do something for the student body. He had mentioned to them that there is a similar commission at Hilltop High School in which they have a comparable program to Wednesday Wishes. Student Recognition Commissioner Nadine Borum helped implement this vision.

“Wednesday Wishes is a program that we started this year, and it’s basically where every person in the school is given the opportunity to make a wish that they would like to be granted throughout the school year. As a commissioner of student recognition, myself, Maddy Castillo and Bella Campos have the responsibility to pick out one wish from every grade level and grant them,” Borum said.

Student Recognition commissioners plan on handing out the wish slips through every history classes and leaving the wish slips with every social science teachers. From there the teachers hand out the slips and students can write their one wish on the paper. Once the whole class has returned the slips back to their teacher, their teacher will then bring in the wishes to the ASB.

“It’s the teacher’s responsibility to give them out to their students. We give [the teachers] a script to follow basically telling the students write down what wish you want granted. Upon returning them, we have a box in the ASB where teachers can turn [the wishes] in and when we have most, if not all of them, we can start pulling them out and granting wishes,” Borum said.

According to Borum, Alvarez sent out emails informing social science teachers about the new program and what ASB wanted to achieve with this new program. He then stated what the social science teachers job was, in which it would be to facilitate the communication between the commission and the students.

“We are looking to only spend a reasonable amount of money. Some of the wishes will be outrageous like a new car or something in that instance in which we will buy them a new toy car. Though they may not always be the exact wishes, we will figure something out and we’ll make it happen. There’s not a set budget as of now, but I think we’re going to develop that as we go on as this is a new program,” Ramiro Hampson-Medina Vice President of ASB said.

The ASB plans to fund these wishes with money provided from the ASB account. Student Recognitions is working on the process of how the wishes will be picked as part of the lottery. Four wishes will be pulled in total, one from each class. They think that the best method to do this would be to pull the four wishes every friday and keep the winners anonymous. The Student Recognition commissioners would then have all weekend to prepare the wishes.

“By the time we have their actual wish ready to present to them, we will then work with [Public Relations] so they can announce the winners. We haven’t decided whether or not we want them to come to the ASB to get their wish or if we want to go to their classroom or do it during a lunch activity,” said Borum.

According to Alvarez, Wednesday Wishes is a feel-good activity for the student body. It is a way to show the students that Bonita values them because they are the ones to provide the school with a positive environment.