Victoria Esquivel

After a 0-10 losing streak and placing last in the Metro-Mesa League, Bonita Vista High School’s varsity football team qualified for the California Interscholastic Federation playoffs due to their schedule against the top teams in the division. Bonita faced Oceanside High School Nov. 10 at Oceanside in the first round of playoffs.

“We are in Division 1, so there are only 20 teams. What they do is they take the top eight that make the open division playoffs and the next 12 for the division one playoffs. So if you are in that division you automatically make the playoffs,” varsity football head coach Aaron Jones said.

According to varsity football quarterback coach Brandon Hawkins, the team was able to qualify due to their schedule. The harder the opponents they face in their schedule, the more points the Barons were able to accumulate.

“It’s a complex process but in essence, you gain more points the higher of a division your team plays against. For example, when we played Madison [who are Division 1], we probably got five points whereas when we played Chula Vista [Division 4], we probably got two or one points,” senior and wide receiver Tahj Stuart said.

Barons had one of the most difficult schedules in the county due to the quality of competition they encountered, allowing them to accumulate enough points to qualify for the playoffs. BVH had the fourth hardest strength schedule in the county and no other teams in the Metro-Mesa League were ranked in the top ten according to Hawkins.

“Our coaching staff [and we don’t] necessarily feel that an 0-10 team should be in the playoffs but those are the rules,” Hawkins said. “We didn’t win enough to truly earn it. We intend to win our way in, not get in because we played tough teams. We want to play the best so we can see and show who earned it. We will earn it soon.”