Michael Jimenez-Poblete
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Notified on October 22, nine of the players from the Bonita Vista High junior varsity football team played for varsity in the playoffs Friday Nov 10. BVH lost the game, but these junior varsity players still had the opportunity to contribute to the team.

The nine players who were picked had to coordinate with the members of varsity accordingly. They were selected based on their performance throughout the season.

“We were pulled up to varsity because we tried to work harder than anyone else and it was something that the coaches noticed and liked,” freshman wide receiver and cornerback Kyle Gregg said.

The players knew that they were going to play with a team with capabilities unfamiliar to them. Despite this setback, they persisted and participated.

“When they asked me to come up to Varsity for playoffs, I got butterflies for a little but then got excited. I’d be able to meet the older kids and become a lot better after practicing and playing with them,” Gregg said.

Even though they knew that they would be playing with this new team, they planned to go forth and play accordingly.

“I feel like we will do good because our coaches do a great job at preparing us and they feel confident,” Junior varsity freshman receiver, corner and quarterback Diego Posada said.

With combined efforts, the players planned to win by staying focused at all times and trying not to let any mistakes pass by.

Although they lost, many continue to share an optimistic outlook.

“The freshmen team won League championships this year. We’re looking forward to these next few years because our program is growing and we have a lot of good coaches,” Posada said. “I am excited about the future.”

JV head coach Larry Posada and freshman Gabriel Acosta were unavailable for comment.