Bonita Vista High’s Lady Barons varsity volleyball team came in with a strong mentality and won the first set out of four against Mater Dei High School, all that took place on Oct. 20 at MDH.

Senior Nicole Regadio number eight did not let a ball drop to the ground, while Senior Maddi Pacini number seven and sophomore Kaiyah Brown number 12 had many consistent kills earning easy points. Bonita tried to box out Mater Dei the last three sets, however, Mater Dei brought it back winning the last three sets out of four.

At the beginning of the first set, Bonita took the lead with 1-0. In response to Mater Dei taking the lead with 2-1, Brown makes a kill, tieing the two teams up.

“I know that if we play to our potential, there is never a need to worry. However, our team has struggled with consistency this year. It is something we work on every day,” English teacher and Girls’ Volleyball Varsity Head coach Michael Ortiz says.

Brown brought the team back in the game getting her second kill keeping Bonita in the lead with 8-3. Mater Dei sided out, staying in the lead from 5-9 to 6-9, until Brown blocked the ball, bringing Bonita back in the lead with 10-6.

“I feel like we had a lot of ups and downs in our game. We played really well in the first set and then it all kinda just went downhill, but then at the end, we picked it up very well,” Lady Baron’s varsity volleyball co-captain, senior Kianna Reynante says.

At game point, Paccini attempted a short serve, losing the point and bringing the ball back to Mater Dei. Bonita sides out, winning the first set 25-19.

The co-captain of Lady Barons Varsity Volleyball, senior Nicole Ragadio mentioned during the first set that the team came in very strong and confident until they were not as able to hold up during the other three sets. She also mentions that one of the team’s weaknesses during the game was their non-capability to work together efficiently.

At the start of the second set, Mater Dei took the lead of 3-0, till Bonita sided out 1-3. After that, both teams sided out back and forth tieing 6-6. Strong blocks from Bonita brought them back to 11-9. With the ups and downs of the second set, Mater Dei wins 25-18.

Reynante mentions how the team should start talking more while working together, in order to stay mentally strong throughout the whole game and not let any distractions take them down.

At the start of the third set, there was tension in the room with the two teams. Both were determined for the win. With this determination, Bonita won the first point of the game. Bonita stays on a winning streak of 5-0 with one ace, then Mater Dei called timeout.

With the players picking themselves back up, Ragadio mentions that Reynante had just got back from having a concussion, but still played her hardest.

“I feel like Kianna did really well. She’s one of our other setters too. I feel like she really was working her hardest try to get the set even though she subbed in every once in awhile,” Rigadio said.

Mater Dei takes the lead of 18-12, Bonita comes back with two ace serves in a row. Furthermore, Mater Dei earns game point at 24-18, winning the third set.

Fourth set starting, Mater Dei takes the first point right away. Bonita brings it back 1-2, then both teams tie at 5-5 with the ball on Bonitas side. Mater Dei had a nine-point causing Bonita to call a timeout. After regathering themselves, Mater Dei continued on an 11 point lead, with Bonita scoring once again 6-16. Bonita scores seven points more with Mater Dei closing off the game-winning 25-13.

“We’ve had better games before but then we’ve also had had worse games. Today was one of our bad games,” Reynante says. Ortiz adds on regarding why Mater Dei brought it back winning the last three sets saying, “We lost our identity and started to focus on the results instead of the process”.

Some players that stood out on the court include Paccini and Brown, with their large amount of kills, Brown totaled eight and Paccini seven. Also, Regadio gave an honorable mention to one of the varsity’s setters, Alyssa Raschick for coming in with many consistent sets, that enabled her teammates to earn points from their hits.

We have a great opportunity to improve as a team,” Ortiz says,”This is a team I enjoy being around. They have lots of spirit, a goofy/fun-loving character and lots of potential”.