Simon Vaillancourt NEWS EDITOR
CHULA VISTA, CA – Last night at approximately 8:00 p.m., a robber broke into a local convenience store guarded under the safety of a gun free zone sign-wielding a fully loaded handgun. According to store owner Ben Ferguson, he demanded all the cash inside the register and then fled the scene before police could arrive. The suspect is still at large.

“The sign specifically said ‘gun free zone.’ I don’t know how he could have possibly gotten a gun through, I’m just at a huge loss here,” said Ferguson.

In accordance with the recent California state law, the possession of all firearms within 100 feet of any store is completely forbidden. The law was enacted in response to the major shootings across the United States and was pushed by the Guns Kill People, People Don’t Kill People campaign.

“I was thrilled when the law passed. I thought California was going to become a utopia of safety and that crime would simply vanish. Chicago has completely abandoned the ownership of firearms and they appear to be doing so well, I just wanted to be like them,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson’s lawyer, Bill Esquire, is worried about the financial stability of not only Ferguson’s store but all small business owners. The gun free zone sign was specifically created to prevent these sorts of crimes. Overall, Esquire estimates Ferguson lost over 200 dollars in sales.

“I was absolutely dumbfounded when I heard the news. Everything law school taught me pointed to this idea that this one sign could solve all of our problems, I can’t believe it didn’t. I simply do not know what the next step is,” said Esquire.

Three witnesses were found at the scene of the crime, all of which have confirmed the suspect’s possession of a firearm. One local man, Stephen Ambury, a proud supporter of Guns Kill People, People Don’t Kill People, acknowledged to reporters Wednesday that he acted on pure instinct when he stood and watched the robbery occur.

“The adrenaline just took over the second I saw his gun, and suddenly I found myself standing there not moving a muscle,” said Ambury, explaining that seemingly no time elapsed between him noticing someone was in danger and doing absolutely nothing while the assailant made off with the elderly victim’s cash.

“Honestly, I really can’t even take credit for what I did—I just saw an old man in trouble and then kind of automatically slipped into a completely useless paralysis. I guess you never know what you’re capable of until that moment arrives.” Ambury went on to say he was glad he reacted so quickly because if he had time to think, he just might have helped out.

Another man at the scene of the crime, Manny Arbor, believes all of this tragedy could have been avoided.

“I used to carry a Glock everywhere I went, but with this new law, I don’t anymore. If this had happened just three weeks earlier, I easily could have just shot the guy then and there, but you know, gun free zones and all,” said Arbor.

Tensions are rising in California as the debate of gun ownership breaks open once again with this reported failure of a gun free zone, bringing up the biggest question of them all: Will bad guys ever really abandon their weapons or are we simply giving them an advantage?

“I lost 200 dollars and my dignity, but I still believe we need gun free zones. Imagine how many more people would be robbed if everyone had a gun, it would be a nightmare of a society. By limiting gun ownership, more people are protected,” said Ferguson.