Yasmine Bourgi
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Micaela Macario has played softball since she was five years old, starting at the Chula Vista American Little League to being ranked eleventh in the nation according to FloSoftball. The freshman was scouted by the University of Oregon at the Premier Girls Fastpitch/Surf City showcase event in November 2016 and has verbally committed to the university’s softball team.

“We’re both extremely proud and humbled; proud that she was able to accomplish such a tremendous milestone,” Micaela Macario’s father Glen Macario said. “We’re honored that others recognize the great potential in Micaela.”

M. Macario is currently on a verbal commitment with the University since she will not be able to sign the National Letter of Intent until her senior year of high school, according to NCAA regulations. She was first introduced to softball when she was four years old and a year later she joined a softball team. According to M. Macario, she immediately loved the game and its competitive nature.

“She needs to keep working, nothing really changes. She has a great opportunity in front of her and we will continue to support her through the journey. It’s a long road with lots of work ahead, but she loves the game and we’re glad to be a part of it,” G. Macario said.

M. Macario partakes in practices in Anaheim due to the fact that the Orange County Batbusters are based near the area in Orange County. She estimates she practices 20 hours per week leading to the development of a strict routine based on time management.

“I go up to Anaheim Mondays and Wednesdays for fielding and hitting, and on Saturdays and Sundays, I go to Anaheim for three-hour practices. In San Diego I do an hour of weightlifting at least twice a week,” M. Macario said.

Between practices and school, M. Macario still has time for friends such as freshman Alexis Guevara whom she met playing softball when they were both seven years old. According to Guevara, M. Macario has remained a good friend on and off the field despite the fact that they have played on opposing teams.

“She works all the time, so I think she definitely is at a college level. If I’m hitting and she’s on defense, I want to keep the ball away from her. If she’s batting I don’t want her to ground the ball because she will make it far” Guevara said. “She definitely can play professionally if she wants to make it that far.”

Although M. Macario’s plan is to play in college and to play professionally, she also hopes to mentor other softball players once she retires.

“The fact that I work so hard will definitely put me above those who don’t. It will put me in a position where I can later come back as a coach and teach other people,” M. Macario said.

Overall, according to Guevara, M. Macario is a hard-working student and athlete that will make it far in softball due to her work ethic.

“I will definitely shoot for professional softball because that has always been my dream. I think you just have to trust the process, many girls starting at 10 years old are already looking at college recruitment but you have to trust the process,” M. Macario said. “Everybody goes at their own pace and no matter what you do, there will always be someone watching you and the amount of work you put in. It all pays off in the end.”