Jonathan Tacher Liberberg

With the help of a record-breaking night paired with complete domination from senior captain Shyla Latone, Bonita Vista High School’s girls’ varsity basketball was able to defeat Hilltop High School at Hilltop 109 to 26.

“I am very proud of my team, we all contributed in different ways. We have our leaders who tell us what to do, coaches who guide us through the whole process. I appreciate them and my team” freshman Isabelle Angelica Rector said.

The team was seen communicating throughout the game, calling plays, pointing out open players and making back to back baskets. One player that stood out was Latone. Latone was 52.6% from downtown. After each quarter, Latone seemed to get more and more on fire. She was able to outscore all the Lancers points in the 1st half leading her to break the San Diego Section record for most points in a game.

With the help of her teammates, Latone was able to break the record that was previously held by the WNBA player Charde Houston. Houston scored 72 while Latone scored 76. Throughout the entirety of the game, Bonita Vista fans were cheering her on, which seemed to be motivating her.

“It’s a great accomplishment that I have been wanting to do throughout my high school year. I feel great, knowing that I have worked hard and did what I did, it’s a great feeling,” Latone said.

According to Lamb, Latone has already been offered multiple NCAA Division 1 scholarships but has yet to make a decision. Lamb said that, although he is unsure where she will go, “when she makes a decision, it will be the best one for her”.

“It’s crazy, I mean I’ve been working hard every day but I never thought that I would break the record. All I can say is that it’s all thanks to my teammates, my teammates helped me through this accomplishment” Latone said.

The Lady Barons were double and triple teaming the Lancers players forcing them to make constant mistakes and turnovers at each of their possessions. This was very evident in the first quarter were the Lancers were held to a mere 2 points while the Barons were able to score 31.

“Well, Hilltop is bigger than us, but we utilized our speed and our aggressive defense to secure the victory,” Girls Varsity Head Coach Tristan Lamb said. “We haven’t to tighten up on our rotation. Our rotation is a little relaxed and we gotta rotate a little bit faster. But other than that, we are playing really good at the right time, so I think if we just improve our rotation on defense, we will be good.”

Due to the domination that the Lady Barons put on the whole game, as a sign of respect, they did not score during the final minutes of the 4th quarter. During these minutes, Coach Lamb put most of the bench to get some playing time.

“We are doing good as a team blowing teams out, but we just have to worry about our plays and what we have to do,” Latone said.

Bonita Vista High School’s girls’ varsity has constantly been able to outscore their opponents and have high scoring games. Their four wins in league include defeating both Mater Dei and Eastlake. Both of these schools compete in Division 1 girls basketball and have had good success in the years prior. The team hopes to be able to continue this streak for future games in league as well as other teams which they will face off in the remainder of the season.

“We are in the driver’s seat, the sky’s the limit as long as we keep playing like we are playing,” Lamb said.