Joseph Casey

The Title IX budget increased by 1,537 dollars for improvements to Bonita Vista High School’s campus, which were recommended by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) following the visit of one of their field engineers. The decision to follow this recommendation came during the Dec. 11 Sweetwater Union High School District board meeting under board item M.1.

The funding increase comes from Fund 35, also known as the County Schools Facilities Fund, which rose by 100,000 dollars per the district’s decision at their Oct. 27 meeting in 2017. Before the recent decision to increase Title IX money, the Fund 35 Contingency Budget stood at 26,563 dollars.

According to SUHSD Director of Planning and Construction Karl Bradley, the DSA field engineer directed the district to, “install new signs on some of the restroom doors, repaint the red stripes and white lettering at the fire lanes, restripe the blue lines at accessible parking spaces, and install new accessible parking signs,” on BVHS’ campus.

“The DSA has mandated additional American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility improvements. The budget increase will allow the district to complete the work required,” the Capital Improvement Status Report reads.

Although the district’s Consolidated Budget and Expenditure Status Report for December 2017 lists the added funds under “Bonita Vista HS Title IX (Girls Locker Rm),” BVHS Athletic Director Jason Murphy explained that he was unaware of upcoming changes to the girls’ team room and that the funding is instead going to Title IX improvements. Currently, it remains unclear where the changes are planned to occur on campus.

“Items will be discussed [by the] safety and culture committee to determine placement,” BVHS’ Title IX coordinator, Assistant Principal and Dean of Student Activities Christopher Alvarez said.

Alvarez did not specify how the new funding was being allocated between the individual improvements but explained that there is currently no document or form of reference to access that information at this time.

“[The DSA field representative came] when the project was nearly complete,” Bradley said, referring to the girls’ team room built behind the dance building during the 2016-17 school year. “This work was not part of the original contract, so additional budget was provided to complete the additional work.”

The budget increase, according to Alvarez, remains only for Title IX improvements decided upon by the DSA and were not influenced by complaints made about the status of BVHS’s campus and facilities.

“These changes are planned to be implemented as soon as possible,” Alvarez said.