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Bonita Vista High School boys’ varsity baseball head coach, Social Issues and Film, Sociology, and World History teacher Vincent Gervais has been absent from school and all baseball activities since Friday, Apr. 23. Currently, Gervais is being investigated by BVH administration for confidential student reports. Until further notice, Gervais is placed under administrative leave

BVH Principal Roman Del Rosario Ed.D., sent out an email to baseball team parents on Tuesday, May 8. While the letter speaks about student reports being the cause of the incident, the nature of these incidents is not mentioned.

“At this point in the investigation, we have concluded the interviews of those student-athletes directly affected by the reported incidents and we will be continuing to finalize our investigation,” Del Rosario said in his letter to parents of BV baseball players.

Teachers’ Union Representative, Chairhead of the BVH Math Department and math teacher Christina Ada sat in on a meeting between Del Rosario and Gervais which was meant to inform Gervais that he would be placed on administrative leave.

“I was just there to make sure that [Gervais] had representation. There was no discussion, I didn’t know anything about it. Once he was presented the letter [regarding his administrative leave], that was all. I needed to be there as a witness,” Ada said.

Currently assistant head coach Brian West has taken over as interim head coach for the varsity boys baseball team. According to West, as of Monday, May 7, the team has not been informed about the cause of Gervais’ absence or when he will return. The team has played four games with West as interim head coach, winning both of their home games and losing two away games, making their record 10-13-0 this season.

In September of 2017 Gervais was accused of verbal and physical abuse. After an investigation conducted by BVH’s administration, Gervais remained in his positions while working closely under Del Rosario, BVH Athletic Director Jason Murphy and Assistant Principal Christopher Alvarez.

This story will be updated as more information is made available. This article was updated Tuesday May 9 at 21:32