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Q: What is your full name and grade?

A: “Jacobo Bemaris and I’m a senior”

Q: How did you get into magic?

A: “It all started with a Youtube video my sophomore year. I learned this cool magic trick and showed it to my dad and he was pretty impressed, that was the spark of it. Then I just did more as I began to learn advanced tricks. Now I perform for shows and birthday parties.”

Q: What inspires you to do magic?

A: “My inspiration was realizing that I could do something that lasts two to five minutes could make someone smile and make them feel positivity. Let’s say something isn’t going right [in someone’s life], I can make something out of it. Learning magic has brought me to new creative passions. When you see someone’s reaction, you’ll want more of that, it’s my happiness.”

Q: What do you hope to do with magic?

A: “It’s more of a side hobby but you never know, I could establish a career, maybe a side job.”

Q: What’s the process of learning a trick?

A: “If it’s in a book, then it’s much harder. I usually stick to videos because they have good visuals. I’ll watch a specific video, learn the tutorial and practice the moves until I get it. Practice makes perfect.”

Q: What’s the hardest trick you’ve learned?

A: “I take a card, fold it and put it in ones mouth and then it appears in my mouth. It’s crazy, that’s the hardest trick I know. I only do it few limited times because I have to remove it from ones mouth, so it’s harder to do.”

Q: What advice would you give someone who wanted to be a magician?

A: “It’s a whole new subject, so it’s really hard to teach. I would say start with handling cards and positions. It’s weird because you’re using muscles you’ve never used, so you have to practice easy moves, like some self-working card tricks.”