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“Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean

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Bad Religion is a haunting story of heartbreak. ¬†With simple organ chords replaying throughout the song, Frank Ocean’s voice recounts his experiences as a heartbroken man to a taxi driver.

Echoed by melodic string and piano instrumentals, Ocean’s vocals sound incredibly melancholic when he sings, “I could never make him love me.”

At first listen, the song simply seems like another classy hip-hop ballad; however, after repeated play, the song gives the listener emotional intensity that could bring one to tears.

Depending on how much insight one seeks, the audience is going to relate differently to Ocean’s message of a “bad religion.”

Album art courtesy of

Album art courtesy of

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  1. Robert Mopia

    This is, by far, one of Frank Ocean’s most powerful and emotional songs on his latest album “Channel Orange”. He perfectly takes the essence of his personal problems and opens himself up to an anonymous taxi driver (thats stereotyped as muslim i may add), or us the audience. Further into the song Ocean sings “I swear I’ve got three lives balanced on my head like steak knives,” symbolizing three different lifestyles that he has to maintain, whether it’s his own questionable sexuality, life as a celebrity and normal life. With tensions high it sounds like one “steak knife” could end up killing him one day or possibly topple off his head. Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoy these music reviews. I’d recommend “Crack Rock”, “Monks” and “Forrest Gump” also by Ocean.

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