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Girls soccer meets trouble at scrips ranch

PHOTO by Jonny Ammerman

PHOTO by Jonny Ammerman

“Come on ladies, don’t give up,” were the words of encouragement spoken by the few Baron fans as the scoreboard revealed the third ranked Bonita Vista’s loss against their 2nd ranked rivals, the Scripps Ranch Falcons, in San Diego’s Division I semi-finals of playoffs, at Scripps Ranch High School on the afternoon of March 4th. In hopes to break the Lady Barons curse of a non-entrance into CIF finals under coach Marquez wings.


Emotions were running high at this game for both parents and players before the game started,  due to the fact that these two teams last met at the Barons Tournament with a Falcon win over the Barons by only a single goal. With this in mind, the Barons had high hope of overcoming their previous loss at the hands of this team, in hopes of breaking through to Finals and end off the season right.


“Our overall plan of winning this game is a change in our formation to a 4-5-1, as well as always attacking the ball with defensive as a key part of giving the ball back to our offense, to control the game.” Coach Marquez said, before the game had started.


As the song, “Timber” was playing in the background one could see the girls rehearsing passing drills to prepare for keeping the ball away from Scripps Ranch forwards and midfielders.


As the game started, the unity between the Baron players was quite tremendous in that they all communicated with each other during the game. When the ball was in the air, or when they saw someone open for a clear pass, they all shouted with intent of winning the game and going to finals, but the Falcons had a different destiny in mind for the Barons.


Although the Barons were giving it their all in this game, it could not be matched by the Falcons’ over aggressive forwards who literally took down Baron players with brute force on the field by knocking them to the ground and scoring twice against the dominant defense of the Barons, which led to the bitter end of a 0-2 Baron loss.


Tears were rushing down the faces of some Bonita players as they walked off the field for their final game of the season, and for some them it was their last in high school. Families may have been there to support them in the heart breaking loss, but what was amazing to see was the players themselves supporting each other as if they were true sisters, giving each other heartfelt hugs and reassuring each other that they were able to reach this far this season.


“It’s kind of a disappointment because the seniors worked hard this year to get where they’re at, but at the same time this team was filled with  alot of sophomores, so next season we are coming back stronger than before,” sophomore Shae Provencher said.


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  1. Woesha

    I appreciate the coverage of this specific game but that game was significant in many ways that this article does not cover. For example, this article does not show that although the seniors were disappointed in the loss, they had pride in the entire year. That specific loss did not represent the 2013-14 varsity girls soccer team at all. The team worked very hard and had a lot of success. I would have appreciated if the article was focused less on the disappointing loss and more on the great success the team had in all.

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