By Sebastian Mason

On-campus construction began mid february and left the school riddled with trenches.  The construction is accredited with the purpose of upgrading the school’s alarm system.

“They are just modernizing the alarms and bringing them up to code,” Associated Student-Body Advisor Christopher Alvarez said.

This entails the ripping out and replacing the old fire alarms and putting in new ones. However, it is not just Bonita Vista that is updating their fire alarms; other schools in the district are getting them as well.  Mr. Alvarez stated that approximately 10 schools need to have this update performed in roughly 90 days.

The project has not been tasked to district workers but instead has been contracted to a third party company under the name of Time and Alarm Systems.  The company and the project were commissioned, not by the school, but by the district.

When asked if the project was necessary for the school, Alvarez said that it is, implying that it is district regulation.  Safety is the most important concern, which is the reason for the chain fences, regardless of the placement and the traffic of students that build up particularly near the 700 hundreds building.

While the project is geared with the purpose of safety for the students, it has become a constant roadblock for many students, not only because of  the physical holes, but also from the fences.

These fences have caused a few accidents with students, besides the occasional trip or two that come from the fence pegs that coincide with the walking path of the students.

“I was sticking too far out into the hallway and I tripped, my knee was skinned and my side was too, even worse, I was bleeding,” Sophomore Lea Esmeralda said.

The company has high hopes for completion of the project by the end of spring break. The reason behind the project’s delay is that the company cannot work during school hours, leaving them with a very short time slot to work with. This is to ensure that the loud construction work does not bother the student while they are in class. This rule has slowed many school projects down and extended the amount of time that the school has to deal with the construction.

When asked what benefit will come from the new system, Alvarez said that it would be modernizing the alarm system.

What it really comes down to is whether or not the new alarm system will help to save the lives of not only the students of our school but those of the other ten receiving the update.  The construction should be over by the end of spring break giving the students of Bonita and many other schools a clean school to return to.