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No: Students Should Plan Now

By Karen Mateo

“I still have a year to decide. It’s fine,” muttered the junior after coming up short on what career they want to pursue in college. A year later, now a senior, they face the task of filling out their college application. Still dumbfounded on what profession they want to pursue, the senior hastily chooses “undeclared” for their college major.

This could have been avoided if this student had more guidance in choosing their college major. Although a 17 year old might feel pressured and stressed to choose their future career so early in life, I firmly believe that it is better that way rather than just winging your way into college. It is definitely unnerving to enter college with no idea of what your major is going to be. However, students should be guided rather than forced to choose what their future career should be.

Students should be encouraged to pursue careers that they are passionate about instead of being led to banal but “practical” careers which are easier to be employed in. In reality, there are little to no jobs which actually require college education and are easy to get. It is imperative to pursue a profession that one is passionate about to avoid a seemingly meaningless future where one merely exists, rather than actually lives.

If students were exposed to a broad spectrum of subjects that can possibly inspire them to follow a certain path in the future, they would not feel pressured to choose when the time of choosing comes. Instead of ridiculing students when they want to pursue a career in the arts instead of one in the medical field, they should be encouraged. Encourage a student to follow a career only if you are 150% sure that it is what they truly want, not what you want for them.

Life is a continuing process that we go through so it is completely normal if one changes decision about something that they thought they were sure of. Not everything is set in stone once you enter the university of your choice. Students have until their sophomore year of college to change their major; so if the student realizes that the major they initially chose during the application process is not the major they want to pursue, they still have the chance to change it.