By Nicholas Leon

March 9, 2014- Bonita Vista’s baseball team had a non-league match against Calexico. During the varsity game, which they won 5-0, there was a rare occurrence on the field of play. Senior Daniel Siwek, through skill and a little bit of luck, was able to pitch a no-hitter.

“I did it once before, but that was in little league,” Siwek said.

To clarify, a no-hitter is defined as a game where one team was unable to record any hits, due to the effort of the opposing team’s pitcher. It is considered a rare occurrence, and a widely coveted feat of skill in many circles of the sport.

“At pretty much all levels, [pitching no-hitters] is celebrated as an achievement,” Bonita Vista Varsity Baseball Coach Vincent Gervais said.

According to Siwek, his success was made possible by a strong network of supportive coaches and teammates. His 3 years in varsity have reinforced the lessons Siwek has been learning ever since his little league days at the age of 4. A regime of practice and exercise refined Siwek’s ability to pitch to the level it is now. However, to Siwek, the most important thing to him is not the fundamentals.

“I just play for fun mostly,” Siwek said.

Siwek enjoys listening to Norwegian black-metal to pump himself up before taking the mound. Once he is there, Siwek describes his style of pitching as power pitching. His goal for this season is to keep his earned run average (ERA) below 2.0, and to win at least 80% of his games this season, just as a random estimate. Unfortunately, this turn of events will have little bearing on the season..

“This game was non-league,” Gervais said in confirmation.

Though it has no direct effect, the performance of the team is a portend for the team prospects. Gervais admitted that the team could have played harder, but with such a victory, things can only get better as the team gets back into the swing of things. Of course, Danny’s “pitch-perfect” game serves as the best evidence of Bonita baseball triumphs on the horizon.

“If Danny can continue to pitch as well, the rest of the team should follow suit,” Gervais said.

Gervais and the team expect Danny to pitch well for the season to come. He emphasizes though, that this is not a one man show. Even in this recent game, there was more than just Danny making a difference on the field.

“This is not just a player accomplishment, but a team defense accomplishment as well,” Gervais said.

Hopes ride high at the end of the throw down with Calexico at the baseball diamond, and with a solid varsity team coming back for another year Bonita can hope to see more no-hitters from Siwek.