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Baron Footballer Commits to going Stag

By Lena Rodriguez

Alex Ohlendorf, with a GPA of 4.52 and an ACT score of 31, was accepted to Claremont Mckenna, a division III school and one of the most selective liberal arts universities in the nation. Not only is he accepted into the prestigious school, he was also recruited to play on the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps football team. At Claremont Mckenna, Alex plans on majoring in political science and pursuing a career in law enforcement.  Ohlendorf was also looked at by many other colleges, including  Princeton, Yale, Cornell, and UPENN.

“[Football] has been something that I have always wanted to do, and is a privilege that I am very thankful for,” Alex said.

At first, his father would not allow Ohlendorf to play football, fearing an injury would affect him later in life. Even so, Alex started to play football when he was in 8th grade and continued doing so ever since.

“Staying up until 3 in the morning the Thursday night before a football game to finish an essay is not an uncommon practice for me,” said Ohlendorf.

 Balancing academics and any kind of activity is challenging, and requires a lot of work. It is not a problem for Alex though, who has consistently kept a high GPA throughout high school.

“My Mom, Dad, and brother, Jake, have always encouraged me to do the best in sports and in school. They make sure I stay on top of my grades, and are always very supportive of anything that I do,” Ohlendorf said.

Football has affected his physical health. Throughout the years Ohlendorf has received multiple injuries: torn muscles in his leg, a dislocated elbow, and a sprained ankle, which he received this year. Despite his wounds, Ohlendorf was able to overcome his many injuries with the support of his teammates and coaches.

“It was really exciting to help him achieve his goal of playing college football.” Said Mr. Ohlendorf, father of Alex Ohlendorf.

Through hard work, and continued excellence Alex Ohlendorf is truly a role model for other students, and the years to come will surely hold success for Alex’s well-rounded lifestyle.


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  1. Christian Chase

    I’ve had the same math class with this guy for 5 years, and in all those years, he’s always been a genius, and giant. Alex Ohlendorf and Joey Snider are the student athletes whom many kids should look up to. Both are monsters in the classroom and on the field. They have better GPA’s than most IB kids and those who make academics their priority, and still devoted their high school careers to football. Not many geniuses can say they bench over 300 pounds, or squat over 400, but these two most definitely can.
    These are the type of people who’ll make a big impact in society, and are a force to be reckoned with.

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