Photo by Jonny Ammerman

Photo by Jonny Ammerman

By Ruben Huerta

Nickname: Tally

Name: Natalya Romaine

Sport: Soccer

Position: Center forward

Number: 20

Grade: 9th

Height: 5’-4”

Rank in CA: 46

Total goals in season: 10

Assists: 4

Freshman Natalya Romaine is a Varsity soccer player holding the position of center forward and is a young prodigy with a total of 10 goals and four assists . She displays skillful footwork, when she jukes her opponents to get the ball through the defenses legs.  This young athlete possesses a lot of future potential being that she is a freshman on Bonita Vista’s varsity soccer team.

Only 5 feet 4 inches, young Romaine may not be the tallest on the field, or even the oldest, but she makes up for this with her outstanding ball control. Many of her last minute goals that have aided her team throughout the season, especially in the crucial quarter finals against San Marcos where she scored a goal in the 78th minute to clinch her and the Lady Barons the semi-finals of Division I playoffs against Scripps Ranch.

Although the young athlete could not aid her team to advance into the finals of playoffs, her career with the Barons is just beginning to sprout, stemming from age four when she first began playing soccer.

“My dad is definitely the person who has guided me to play soccer in a competitive way,” Romaine said.

Since her father has been pushing her to further succeed in soccer, young Romaine has been looked at by colleges ranging from the Naval Academy to USC. She is not only an all-star on the field, but also a great student who has the desire to achieve a higher education both in high school and college.

“I’m definitely doing AP classes, although I am still considering about participating in the IB program,” said Romaine.

She plans to study in law and order to become a lawyer in the future; with Romaine establishing such a solid foundation, a bright future is foreseeable.

Outside of school, Romaine competed with her club soccer team that was the top soccer club of the 2013 season, also each time she steps on the field to practice with her team she brings them gatorade, which helps Romaine to strengthen her bonds with her teammates, so the flow they have with each other might strengthen, and lead them onto victory.

“She’s a great player with this team, that is always hungry to get the ball and drive it down the field,” Coach Marquez said.

Not only is Romaine a great athlete at such a young age, but since she led her team to semi-finals her future looks great from the eyes of both her coaches and players.

“She is a beast, and has so much potential in her career,” teammate Provencher said

With high confidence Romaine hopes to further better her soccer skills “You don’t have to be perfect,” Romaine said, “just willing to be perfected,” Romaine said.