DJ Frost practicing his mixocology.  PHOTO courtesy of Daniel H.

DJ Frostbite practicing his mixocology. PHOTO courtesy of Daniel H.

By Everett Caballero

While attending Bonita Vista High School, most students have maintained a part-time job while continuing their education. This “Work hard, party later” mentality is practiced among most of Bonita Vista’s students. However, one student in particular finds himself doing both. The master multitasker is a fellow Baron: Daniel Hernandez.

Junior Daniel Hernandez, also known as DJ Frostbite, has been involved in music, singing, and dancing since he was five years old. Eventually the interest in performing arts cultivated into a passion for being a disk jockey.

“I’ve always grown up with music,” Hernandez said.

Tyree Cinque Simmons, professionally known as DJ Drama, inspired Hernandez to become a DJ.  Having the full support of his family and friends also led Hernandez to realize that music could be his career.

Hernandez’s business has grown greatly since its beginning five years ago and the student’s schedule can get really busy. His calendar gets especially crammed during the summer. When friends’ birthdays come up, he knows he has an opportunity to show off his musical talent and creativity to a crowded room of listeners. Hernandez plays a wide range of music at the parties he DJs for, from techno to country to jazz.

“I love meeting new people, especially when I can share my music with them,” Hernandez said.

The DJ has gotten his equipment through his own earnings, and purchases everything on his own. Hernandez carefully studies his music libraries and equipment to make sure he is prepared for his next gig. Daniel Hernandez uses techniques like synchronization, phrasing, and beat matching to optimize his sound and quality. This is very important considering he has played in locations such as Petco Park, where famous musician, Deadmau5, performed.

“Doing sound tests are very critical,” Hernandez noted.

The party goers aren’t the only ones who encourage Hernandez’s music ambitions, however. His mother, friends, and family also support his decision to pursue his career aspirations. They all push him to do what he enjoys. Though he performs periodically during the school year, education is his number one priority.

“Daniel is very musically inclined,” Hernandez’s mother said. “Its a great side job while going to school,” Mrs. Hernandez said.

Hernandez receives help with setting up his equipment from family members and close friend Diego Garciabueno. The junior’s  primary responsibilities include setting up gadgets and gear such as lights and speakers. The two have known each other since elementary school and have become good friends as well as business partners. Hernandez relies on Garciabueno for assistance, moral support, and pre-gig pep talks.

“His parties can get people really pumped up,” Garciabueno said.

Even though Daniel Hernandez knows that his DJing business isn’t permanent, he feels that his music-related talents will always express themselves in one way or another. From dancing to singing to DJing, music has been, and will always continue to be, a constant in Hernandez’s life. But for now, he is content with his budding career.

“I get paid to do something that I really love,” Hernandez said.