By Ruben Huerta

“We love free bases, we love free bases,” chanted the Lady Barons as they played in their first league game of the season against the Otay Ranch Mustangs, with a stellar win of 10-2 on the sunny afternoon of April 15th.

At the bottom of the first inning the Lady Barons were up to bat with leadoff hitter #2 Ashley Quidolit who started the game off with a nice bunt, to allow her to outrun the pitcher’s reaction and go to first base. As the inning progressed the Barons had two outs, but that didn’t stop #16 Alex Vargas who was up to bat, it took Vargas her first pitch to get a two-run homerun from the Mustangs pitcher.

Come on Ladies… lets go Aliyah!” shouted Baron fans in the third inning. On the third pitch, all you could hear was the sound of the bat making perfect contact with the ball, which caused #1 Aaliyah Jordan to get a single-run home run. As the game progressed to the fourth inning, the Barons showed no mercy with their impeccable defensive skills, especially #6 Jojo Nicolas who leapt high to perform an amazing catch which stopped the rally of the Mustangs. As the barons now gained their chance to bat #8 Carolyn Wright had a strong hit to right field that caused her to get out, but with great reward, because this allowed her bring Quidolit to home plate, which extended the Barons’ lead.

“Take steps back, backup outfielders… Backup!” shouted the Mustang coach, as Vargas was up to bat with runners on first and second base, as well as no outs. It only took Vargas one swing to get yet another home run to further extend the lead and create an absolute silence among the Mustang fans, but on the Barons side there was a huge uproar from the fans and players as well.

Ohh Kill’em!” Baron students shouted humorously. As the final inning approached, the Mustangs were no pushover opponent due to the fact that they did score off of the Barons, which ended the game with the dominant score of 10-2 for a Lady Baron win. “We have to take it one game at a time,” said Head Coach John Carlson humbly.