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Star volleyballer, out for the season

Even the all-star athlete has to take the bench sometimes; unfortunately for volleyball captain Noah Zamudio he has to take a seat on the sidelines for the rest of the season. On the 8th of April, at a varsity volleyball game against Olympian High School, Zamudio suffered a grievous injury.

When moving to block a ball coming over the net Zamudio leapt into the air. On his way down from the jump, he landed on an opposing player’s foot, causing his own to go crooked. As he approached the ground his own weight and momentum from the jump pushed down on his foot, and completely dislocated his ankle – a subtalar dislocation.

“We were most definitely going to win,” Zamudio said.

Unfortunately, with the injury of its captain and middle blocker, the Barons were defeated in that game. For a team that was going 6-1 this season, this may have proved to be a destabilizing loss to the team dynamic. However, the Barons volleyball team has been trying out new configurations with its line up, pressing players into service to reconfigure a strong defense.

“We played one game, and so far its worked,” senior teammate and Daniel Lew said.

Proceeding steadily forward with their captain out of the action, the Barons Volleyball team has gotten passed the initial shock and regrouped to tackle the remainder of the season. Both Zamudio and Lew cite the team’s excellent chemistry and solid bonds as a source of strength and advantage. The loss of Noah on the court has necessitated that the team band together and take advantage of their closeness. Zamudio has high hopes for his friends and comrades.

“[We cannot] forget our goal,” Zamudio said, “winning CIF.”

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  1. Christian Chase

    Losing Noah was a huge loss to our team, but everyone has definitely stepped up to the plate to try to make things work. We have a sophomore backup to Noah, and he is improving rapidly and has become a force to be reckoned with. One thing can be taken from this incident; stuff happens, but you just have to roll with it- no pun intended.
    Despite this, we’re a solid team still and our peers should come out and support! Road to CIF!

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