The Barons baseball team brought home a victory from the baseball diamond. Utterly defeating their opponents, La Jolla, they secured another win and a boost in morale for the team.

“This game all depends on who’s got more heart, winner takes all,” said Assistant Coach Sean Warlop. “[The] season has been a challenge so far […] We keep our team in the game with pitching and defense,” he had to add.

Number 13 Brandon Torio manned the pitcher’s mound for a large portion of the game, from the start to the sixth inning. Torio proved his worth many times as he pitched many hard balls and assisted in defending the bases.

However, the game gets off to a hard start as La Jolla scores their first point in the beginning of the first inning. Only that single run was made by La Jolla before the Barons managed to force a third out and come back in from the outfield.

For three and a half innings the match plays out like a “typical Bonita game,” as described by player Danny Siwek. The words of Mr. Warlop seem to ring true as the Barons’ defensive skills and teamwork keeps La Jolla from creating a larger lead. That is, however, until the bottom of the fourth inning when Bonita stepped up to bat.

The assembled crowd of parents and peers went berserk as the Barons proceeded to rack up five runs in quick succession. It was as if they simply could not stop scoring. Parker Flippin, Daniel Schneeman, Esteban Velasco, Scott Beckstrom, and Adrian Ventura all came into home putting Bonita Vista ahead by a gigantic leap. In one fell swoop the Barons surpassed their opponents and delivered themselves to an unassailable position.

Despite La Jolla’s best efforts, they could not catch the victorious Barons, who settled into a near perfect defensive stance. La Jolla was only able to secure a last point before the end of the game, before going home defeated. The Barons, however, left the field with a glorious victory, vanquishing their foes 5-2.