Bio: Sophomore Mia Hallmark is the immediate past vice president of Bonita Vista’s Key Club and the current acting lieutenant governor of Division 11 for the 2014-2015 term, presiding over 14 schools in the Southern California region. Hallmark was officially installed into her position at Key Club International’s CNH District Convention, which took place in Sacramento from April 11th to 13th.

Sophomore Mia Hallmark wove her way through the audience of cheering Key Clubbers towards the stage, assuming her position among the newly installed lieutenant governors (LTGs) of the California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) district. Two years of dedication to Bonita Vista’s Key Club, one as vice president, and she now stood before her fellow members, being installed into the highest division level position Key Club has to offer.

Key Club is an international organization whose goal is servicing the community. Being such a vast institution, Key Club is broken up into districts, which are divided into regions, then divisions, and within each division are school-level clubs.

As current LTG, Hallmark presides over Division 11, which holds jurisdiction over 14 high schools in the Southern California region, including Bonita Vista, Eastlake, Chula Vista, and others. Though the role is a prestigious one, it is also tedious and comes with immense responsibility.

“Assignments from both Key Club and school would pile on top of each other and it was at those times it became very hard,” past Division 11 LTG Mary Liang said. “But by the end of DCON […] the stress and work was all worth it.”

By, Jayme Dela Cruz

The District Convention (DCON) was a three day long event, from April 11th-13th, hosted by Key Club’s CNH District in Sacramento.

“From my attendance at DCON, I learned many valuable skills on not only how to serve members to the highest of my ability, but also how I could lead the division I serve to greater heights,” Hallmark said.

Aside from her Key Club career, Hallmark is also an AP student and plays field hockey, softball, and runs track. Despite her crammed schedule, she remains focused and responsible. Time management for the year to come will undoubtedly be tricky, but Hallmark knows she is capable of rising to the occasion and maintains an optimistic outlook.

“I look forward to improvement within the clubs I serve,” Hallmark said. “I am looking forward to help fundraise for our spotlight charities: the Eliminate Project, Children’s Miracle Network, the Pediatric Trauma Program, Live 2 Learn, and the March of Dimes.”

Bonita Vista’s Key Club meets weekly and provides a constant flow of service and social events. Hallmark, being the immediate past vice president and last term’s main link to the division level information, earned experience that is sure to prove valuable to her new position. Hallmark shares one particular piece of advice she picked up recently that she plans to take to heart.

“To be a great leader, you need to make mistakes. You need to fail once in awhile […] if a leader can’t make their own mistakes and learn by them, they’re hardly a leader.”