By, Daniel Rodriguez

In the effort to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, the Bonita Vista Uprising club has organized itself to participate in the Annual Project 25 created by the Rock Church to have teens affect the community in a positive way.

“It’s an annual community outreach plan where the Rock Church gives 100 dollars to Christian clubs throughout San Diego,” club President Alexis De La Mora said, “and we have to figure out how we want to use the money to impact the community.”

In the past years, the Christian-based club organized itself and used the money in many positive ways. One year the group of members came together, bought $100 worth of food and gave it all to the less fortunate. Another year, the club used the money to buy cleaning supplies and participated in a beach clean up.

“It has been a moderate success, because of the foundations we have helped, but the attendance at the events are generally low,” Vice President Ruben Huerta said. “Now, with this new project we actually had a lot of people help us and more students are getting involved then we had in the other two years.”

As Project 25 is also considered a competition where Christian clubs compete for cash prizes, the Uprising club took a different approach on using the money this year. The club officers decided to fundraise money for Alzheimer research three different ways. First, they have placed canisters in each third period for students to donate their pocket change. Secondly, they will be selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the organization. Lastly, the club has set up a 5k walk called the “Memory Walk”, which takes place on May 3rd.

“Who ever raises the most wins a pizza party, but every cent counts so it doesn’t matter about who wins,” De La Mora said.

Although the club had many choices from which they could fundraise to, the club chose Alzheimer’s because of the lack of attention it receives.

“It’s not something that people have been fundraising for and it’s something that is not popular,” De La Mora said, “What most people don’t know is that it will impact our generation the most because of technology.”

The funds that the club gains will all be donated to the San Diego Alzheimer’s institute where they will use the money towards supplies and further research.

However, the club itself is not just attempting to raise the most money for the Project 25 program. It hopes to show students that they are more than just another community service group.

“What we are trying to achieve as a club is show that Uprising is not just a Christian club that meets every Tuesday to talk about God, but a club that connects with the student body to impact the community,” Huerta said.

The simple goal of the club is to make an impact on the community in a positive way.

“We really want to… show that teens our age really care about the community and that it does not take a lot for the youth to get together and do something for a good cause,” De La Mora said.

The clubs fundraiser started back in March 20 and plans to end May 16. They have raised 160 dollars from donations and plan to receive more from many sponsors towards the charity run.

“We really need more students participate with us because many who have joined have created a change in our community,” Huerta said.