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Lady Tones carries out auditions


By Lena Rodriguez

With hearts racing and stomachs filled with butterflies, 94 students prepared for the first day of the Music Machine and Sound Unlimited auditions on April 28, 2014.

The auditions lasted 3 days in total, from April 28th to 30th. Students from not only our school, but Bonita Vista Middle School and schools all over the district, auditioned to become apart of the program.

“On the first day, we had to prepare two songs, one from Broadway, another of our choice. We had to recite lines from the songs we prepared and perform in front of the judges, with and without a microphone,” said sophomore Sara Antos.

The judge panel consisted of the director Gail Kennedy, new choreographer David Legg, choreographer Roberta Addams, and previous director Roxanne Ronacher. The second day of auditions was focused on dancing, the candidates were taught two different dance combinations, where they were judged by their learning abilities and separated by level.

“Even if you mess up, as long as you keep smiling and have fun, it doesn’t really matter. We just want to get recruits as much as we can,” Antos said.

Day 3 was another day for singing, students were given sheet music and were expected to learn 8 bars and know the notes.

“Nine to ten students were cut on the second day, only one student was cut on the third day,” junior member Michael Atwood said.

Auditions were open to everyone, no past experience was needed, only an overall GPA of 2.5 and a citizenship GPA of 2.0. Auditions for technicians and instrumentalists were held on Thursday April 30th.

“Last year with Ms.Ronacher, only one person was interviewed at a time, we got a tour [of the theater] then spent the rest of the time gossiping, but this year we got an introduction for expectations, a tour and talked about the equipment. We were also shown how to wrap cords and use the equipment,”  said Matt Smith, returning technician.

The auditions for the technicians were held by Riccardo Savo and Amber Carino. On Saturday, May 3rd the results for the auditions were released. 54 students are in Music Machine, in comparison to last years 38, 37 students are in Sound Unlimited in comparison to last year’s 42. A total of 10 technicians were accepted into the program as well as two pianists.

“The auditions are challenging but it pays off in the end. Being in this program is like having one big family, it’s a neat experience,”said Antos.

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  1. Christian Chase

    Bonita Vista’s Music Machine and Sound Unlimited organizations are well known throughout the city, and personally knowing a few of the members, I can assure you these groups are hard working, and undeniably dedicated. Their talent and passion demonstrate these qualities. But with a new batch of performers, it will be interesting to see how they hold up to previous years whom earned these groups their outstanding title. Best of luck.

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