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PTSA Board meeting brings up social media Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

By Danica Cajiga

On April 21, the  Parent Teacher Student Association , PTSA, held a meeting in the cafeteria in which they introduced their guest speaker, Bethany Johnson, who spoke about social media and teens. Her hour long presentation directed to parents titled: “Social Media: the good, the bad and the ugly” discussed social media and its effects on teens.

“A big part of the presentation is awareness for parents to just understand what social media is and how their child can be affected by it,” Johnson, a  Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, said.

Johnson, who has given this talk to both parents and students for the past two months, structures her presentations depending on whether she is presenting to students or parents. When presenting to students, Johnson focuses her presentation on self awareness when using social media. Alternatively, when presenting to parents, she focuses on the lack of privacy on social media.

“It is very important because as a mom, I am always very concerned for my kids because there is always social media all around us […] It is also very important because I have another perspective on social media now,” PTSA member and parent Rocio Sanchez said.

Due to the relevance of the topic of Johnson’s presentation, the PTSA readily invited her to come speak at their meeting. Not only was the talk an informative presentation for the regular attendees of the meeting but also for new ones.

“We also invited Bethany [Johnson] as an incentive to have more people involved in the PTSA.” PTSA President, Connie Struiksma, said.

The presentation discussed all the different consequences of social media ranging from increased communication to invasion of privacy and cyber bullying. As a new frontier for parents, especially, Johnson understands the importance of informing parents about social media.

“I mainly want to spread the awareness of what social media does to us as people; how it affects us. And the idea of awareness of what you’re doing, just thinking twice about it and not getting caught up,” Johnson said.

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  1. Christian Chase

    I believe this to be a very smart idea on Bonita Vista’s part. Awareness of social media to parents is a topic very well known, but little action is taken by the parents, and this meeting seemed to emphasize the action to be taken.
    Adult predation on young teens through social media is definitely a reason for parents to monitor their kids’ internet access, but what I think is of utmost importance is to look for cyber bullying, something of which has taken the lives of many teens (one specifically last winter). Get involved parents! And students, be aware of the responsibilities that go along with having free roaming access on the internet.

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