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Lady Tones win AA competition

Traditionally, wherever people have triumphed celebratory songs have followed. In the case of Lady Tones, they have sung their songs to victory and had celebrated their achievement with sound as they paved their way to first place at the event, “Music in the Parks”, held at the Placentia Church on May 2nd, where they went on to compete and win first place for their AA Women’s Division out of eight schools.

“It was basically all eyes on you and you’re on the spot, there is no messing up and there is no going back,” sophomore Lady Tones member, Delila Scott said, “but our teacher Mrs. Kennedy has a lot of faith in us, and that means a lot.”

Under the direction of their new director, Gale Kennedy, the Lady Tones have practiced increasingly more compared to previous years in preparation for their performance at the church.

“I believe we did very well because we have been practicing everyday in class and we have been getting positive feedback from Music Machine,” Scott said.

According to the Lady Tones, Kennedy has been emphasizing more for individual practice, focusing on doing well in singing for a select few of Latin music which includes “Kyrie,” “Alleluia,” and “Lift Thine Eyes.”

“She had more of an image for us and she knew exactly what she wanted,” senior and President of the Lady Tones, Brianna Bustos said, “she also focused on us individually and not just as a whole, so this year we did much better.”

In order to actually get in to perform at the church, the Lady Tones had to do various fund raisers in order to take the charter bus there. Usually in co-operation of fellow music groups such as Music Machine and Sound Unlimited they performed in events which ranged  from a joint pact between the musical groups and restaurants, to selling boxes of chocolates around BVHS.

“When we saw the results we were really pleased with ourselves because we did better than we expected,” junior and Lady Tones member, Victoria Sanchez said.

Although they had won first place in previous years, some were just starting their first year as a members of Lady Tones and they have not given any less effort to their performance to the judges at the church, if anything, they believe that they have improved and put in more effort this time around.

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  1. Amber Lynn Carino

    It’s amazing to see Lady Tones improve over the past few years, and to watch Ms. Kennedy’s influence allow them to skyrocket towards success. Although they didn’t receive first place in the competition, they’ve succeeded more than ever with the amount of new students. Congratulations Lady Tones!

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