Bonita Vista's football takes the field before the Madison game at Devore Stadium.  PHOTO by Francine Thompson

Bonita Vista’s football takes the field before the Madison game at Devore Stadium. PHOTO by Kara Worrells

By Kathy Tang

The 1-2 Bonita Vista Barons hosted the 0-3 division 1 Madison Warhawks full of surprises which ended at an unfortunate loss for Barons with the final score of 10-40 on Sept. 26 at Southwestern College.

“They’re a tough team. It’s going to be a good battle and a good game,” said senior tight end and defensive end Christian Melhorn.

Before the game, Melhorn and with his team were motivated and confident of what they were going to accomplish as a team. Just the week before, they had their first win against Scripps Ranch. With players in high spirit, players were ready for the game when it started. During the first quarter Madison made the first touchdown. Quickly following, is what [get full name] coach Thompson sees as a highlight in the game.

“Well Michael Skiff goes on the first touchdown, we go to the double pass trick play, and then we score,” said coach Thompson.

While Skiff made the touchdown, he became injured during the first quarter and did not play for the remainder of the game.

“I think I might have either pulled or torn my hamstring,” said junior wide receiver Michael Skiff.

Despite the impairment of Skiff, he still rooted for his teammates as the game went on. The first quarter had a final score of 7-7. During the second quarter, Madison scored two field goals along with a touchdown leaving the score not as even as before. With Bonita scoring just one field goal during this time, the second quarter left a score of 10-34, making half time crunch time.

“I feel like our team has put in a good effort and we just need to keep it up. As long as we keep our head in the game and we tighten our little mistakes, we can always come back. There’s always an effort we can always give,” said junior defensive lineman Moli Faalogo.

A ready group of hopeful players were seen during half time. Barons gave their all and poured their efforts into turning around the game but at the end of third quarter, the score board read 10-40. With time constraints, the game ended with the final score which was a loss of 10-40.

“I feel like we did well in a lot of things all over the field [including] offense, defense. We did a lot of good and bad and unfortunately we came out with a loss but we are just going to continue to work on it,” said 22 senior defensive back Christian Gilstrap.