Teacher’s Say

How efficiently do you feel BVH is handling the news of the coronavirus?

Teachers were interviewed on March 12 and 13. 

Jose Leyva, Automotive Technology teacher

I personally think Coronavirus is a joke. I believe it’s been brought to our attention to distract us from something else. Keep an eye on your government and don’t get distracted with the hype. The school has been handling it well. There has not been much panic and I feel as if students are relaxed. At the same time, I do not feel it’s only on the custodians to keep everything clean. Teachers and students need to help keep our campus clean along with the custodial staff. 


Melissa O’Donoghue, Integrated Math 1 teacher

I feel that Bonita Vista High (BVH) is handling it quite efficiently because they are making decisions based on what’s happening in the city of San Diego and what’s happening in the state of California when the governor makes comments and suggestions on how to stay safe during the spread of the coronavirus. 



Cesar Gaitan, Integrated Math 2 teacher 

I have noticed that the staff facilities are stocked with sufficient soap, paper supplies and hand sanitizer. I only wish that the school would also provide teachers with cleaning supplies, tissue paper and hand sanitizer for the classrooms, as these may help in preventing the spread of viruses like influenza, stomach flu and Coronavirus.  

Priscilla Soto, On Level and Structured English Immersion Biology teacher 


I think students are very aware of the virus due to Twitter and the Internet, so they are doing a good job when coming into the classroom, using hand sanitizer and being cautious of what they touch. Could we do better though? Yes, I think that students need to let staff know if they need soap. My room is so close to the 800 bathroom, so if they need soap they can come in and ask and I can report it to the office so that students can stay clean and safe here on campus.