Alumna Tiffany Dailey's recently published book of poetry, "Another Lid to a Potless Existence."  Image courtesy of

Alumna Tiffany Dailey’s recently published book of poetry, “Another Lid to a Potless Existence.” Image courtesy of

By Lena Rodriguez

Through the inspiration of her own adolescent experiences, Bonita alumna, Tiffany Dailey, recently published a book of poetry titled “Another Lid to a Potless Existence.” Aetherbound Books published Dailey’s book in March 2014.

Written between ages 19 and 25, “Another Lid to a Potless Existence” is a collection of free-verse poems that capture the essence of young adulthood as well as experiences drawn from Dailey’s life.

“When I wrote the poems, it was personal. It wasn’t until 2012 that I realized others would enjoy them,” Dailey said.

During the time that Dailey wrote her poems, she was facing the full terror of being a college student with an undecided major.

“When you are young and just get out of high school, you are just trying to figure things out and deal with all the new problems that life throws at you,” Dailey said. “First year of college was very difficult…I expected to find the punk goth guy and make friends. Turns out I was the goth guy… but I loved the education I got.”

The poems cover subjects ranging from insecurity to $1.00 pumpkins, and are filled with the emotions of her youth.

“The dark poems are sprinkled with light, and the light poems are sprinkled with dark… [with] some of the poems I purposefully left out rhyme and rhythm to make it raw… [I wanted] to make sure all the emotions were there,”  Dailey said.

The poems are both personal and universal.

“When you are younger you start to figure yourself out, but as you get older you start to see little bits of yourself in other people.It’s shocking to realize there are people just like you, [but] it allows you to open up and see people through different eyes,” Dailey said.

Writing poetry and pursuing a career a writer is not an easy thing to do, and Dailey describes making her decision to pursue writing as one of the hardest decisions she has ever made. She started focusing more on writing as a career after she was laid off her job as an animator  with Legend 3D in 2011, where she worked on movies such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Green Lantern and The Smurfs.

“I would stumble upon [my poems], but I would also have [journals], sometimes they would turn up on pieces of napkins…[then] it was like a light bulb went off, I realized I had all the pieces,” Dailey said.

“Another Lid to a Potless Existence” was edited, published, and designed by T.R Dailey herself in only five months.

“Some of the poems needed a lot of work and were cut… Most of the poems were based off emotions [or] I would choose a topic and just go with it,” Dailey said. “The struggle wasn’t with writing the poems, but with editing them.”

These poems are very personal to Dailey, and were not originally written to be read by others.

“Poems are funny because they are so emotional for me. I’ve always been an open person, you just have to hold your breath and jump. Eventually you get to a point where you realize you are good,” Dailey said. “One of the things I’ve learned about writing is that people want to know the most about the things they keep secret.”