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All the way from Japan

All the way from Japan

December 4, 2019

Speech and Debate works towards ‘sweepstakes’ goal at 2B League Invitational

Alexa Vazquez, Opinion Editor

November 5, 2019

Following their success at the 2A Public Forum and Parliamentary League Tournament, the Bonita Vista High (BVH) Speech and Debate team continue on their winning streak with their recent appearance at the San Diego Imperial V...

More than a change in scenery

Marina Santana De Valdez and Gloria Ing

October 29, 2019

He did not realize how much his life was going to change. The image of what his new home would look like had not formed in his mind either. An immigrant to the United States like many other students at Bonita Vista High (BVH...

31 classes in 17 years: BVH teacher expresses his varying passions with a busy schedule

Lucia Rivera, Editor-at-Large

October 25, 2019

Everyday he faces a “unique beast” that many of his colleagues do not. With seven different curriculums to prep for daily, Bonita Vista High (BVH) teacher Edwin Lim continues his trend of teaching a variety of courses in only...

BVH seniors gear up for college life

Luke Svehaug, Features Copy Editor

October 12, 2019

FAFSA, letters of recommendation, test scores, college essays and application fees;  as the college application process progresses, Bonita Vista High seniors have to make an important choice, regarding their life after h...

Awareness and activism

Gloria Ing and Noah Nafarrete

September 20, 2019

Currently, the environment is increasingly becoming a local, national, and global topic of interest, appearing in many political debates around the world. In the Bonita Vista High community, Green Team club President and se...

Start the Engine!

Yesenia Sandez, Features Editor

September 20, 2019

A few weeks into the 2019-2020 Bonita Vista High school year, new auto-shop teacher, Jose Leyva, took over after former teacher Ben Hazel retired at the end of the previous school year.  This is Leyva’s first year teachin...

BVH introduces Wellness Wednesday program

Yealin Lee, Videographer

September 20, 2019

International Baccalaureate Math Analysis and Approaches Higher level 1 may be a class full of calculations and mathematical problems, but now on Wednesdays, it contains something more for students like Bonita Vista High j...

Astrophysics Club makes a big bang on campus

Efren Mendieta and Rachel Elliott

September 17, 2019

What lies beyond the Earth’s atmosphere in the limitless void that is our universe has always been a wonder. Curiosity strikes, theories and theses are formed. The excitement spreads, bringing forth communities with a common...

The Fab Four

The Fab Four

June 2, 2019

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