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Madison Knudson, Arts & Culture Editor

I am a junior at Bonita Vista High and this is my third year being a part of the Crusader staff. I am currently the Arts and Cultures Editor this year but was previously a Features Editor. I joined newspaper because I wanted an academic extracurricular in school and newspaper sparked my interest with the many different positions it offered. This year I am looking forward to working on my page editing skills and taking photos of the many important events that happen on campus. Outside of the Crusader, I am involved in clubs at BVH such as Key Club and STEM club.

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Junior Sebastian Andrade observes freshman Maisy Blanas oil pastel painting Abstraction. Blanas was one of the many students in Braunns class to have their art featured in BVH Artsfest 2024.

Photo Gallery: BVH Artsfest 2024

Madison Knudson, Arts & Culture Editor
April 26, 2024
On March 1, BVHs TEDx club meets to finalizes speeches and plans for the upcoming TEDxBonitaVistaHS 2024 Conference. TEDx President and senior Cherise Magtoto converses with speaker department members, sophomore Louis Nguyen and senior Juliana Martinez in preparation for the conference.

Showcasing diversity

Madison Knudson, Arts & Culture Editor
April 2, 2024
On Feb 10, Bonita Vista High (BVH) 120-pound wrestler, team captain and junior Josue Garcia raises his fist after winning a match for the San Diego Section boys CIF Division II tournament at Orange Glen High. Garcia would go on to place first at the tournament, paving the way for his eventual promotion for the end-of-season statewide California tournament.

Takedowns and triumphs

Madison Knudson, Arts & Cultures Editor
March 6, 2024
Working for new experiences

Working for new experiences

Madison Knudson, A&C Editor
February 23, 2024
On Jan. 30 at Eleve Dance Studio, Bonita Vista High (BVH) senior Mia Garcia interacts with her young dance students. Garcias experiences with her students have changed her perspective on life and dance as an art form.

On Pointe!

Madison Knudson, Arts & Cultures Editor
February 2, 2024
On Nov. 29, Word War II prison camp survivor Thomas Crosby presents to students at Bonita Vista High (BVH). Crosby talks about what his life was like during the war in camp Santo Tomas as a child.

The importance of knowing a first hand story

Madison Knudson, Arts & Culture Editor
December 8, 2023
Jimmy Murphy and Ronnie Pietila-Wiggs pose next to a stack of boxes full of food to be distributed to the community. The foundation participates in many community events such as food distributions.

“Remember his name”

Madison Knudson, A&C Editor
December 7, 2023
On Oct. 14, the Bonita Vista High (BVH) performance band Club Blue performed a musical showcase alongside fellow schools of the district such as Eastlake High (EHS) and Mira Mesa High (MMH). Club Blue used this showcase to provide a visual sense of pride BVH has to offer.

Undeniable performance

Madison Knudson, Arts & Culture Editor
October 27, 2023
UCSD representative Christina Sandoval-Paquette speaks at Bonita Vista High to inform students of some of the benefits of attending UCSD on Sept. 20. Sandoval-Paquette shows the students her slides about what to expect at UCSD. She also tells them about what programs and clubs are at UCSD.

Presenting new opportunities

Madison Knudson, Arts & Cultures Editor
September 22, 2023
BVH Principal Lee Romero speaks about what it means to live the Baron way. This is a phrase he has popularized at BVH since taking on his position as Principal last year.

Q&A: What is ‘the Baron way?’

Madison Knudson, Arts & Culture Editor
September 21, 2023
President of Promotion of Women in Leadership club and junior Vivian Pruitt holds their fourth meeting during lunch on Sep. 20. She mentions how the club is now a part of a bigger organization and they can now start being active and taking action as a club.

[Photo] Women standing up for women

Sophia Calderon, News Copy Editor
September 19, 2023
Bonita Vista High (BVH) alumni Guido Knudson is featured in BVHs 2007 yearbook on the varsity boys baseball team page. Knudson pursued his career in baseball after high school by being a part of  Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Detroit Tigers team.

[Photo] Dreams do come true

Grace Na, Managing Editor
March 2, 2023
Students at BVH have began receiving emails from colleges based on their performance in order to guide them and help them to start thinking about their future. This has lead students to wonder what specific college and career they want to do.

Colleges reach out

Madison Knudson, Features Editor
February 10, 2023
On Jan. 27 in the Bonita Vista High (BVH) quad, track and field captain and senior AJ Gamboa and fellow teammates explain to students the process and benefits of joining their team. Multiple spring teams on campus advocated for their sports to try and recruit for more players.

Showcase of talent

Madison Knudson, Features Editor
February 10, 2023
Teachers say

Teacher’s say

Madison Knudson, Features Editor
February 6, 2023
The battle of the networks

The battle of the networks

Madison Knudson, Features Editor
January 24, 2023
Students from around the world come to BVHS. They will learn about the culture and customs in America.

International welcoming

Madison Knudson, Features Editor
October 3, 2022
Junior Kai Bonggat (left)
along with other students audition for Get To the Point (GTP) on April 22. They prepare for the main
audition through several dance warmups.

[Photo] Behind the scenes

Mayah Cerecer, News Copy Editor
May 5, 2022
In a poll of 909 Bonita Vista High (BVH) students conducted by the Crusader on Feb 2., students were asked if they were in support of block schedule for the 2022-2023 school year. This poll was conducted before the official teacher vote that took place later that month.

“Just give it a chance”

Madison Knudson, Arts and Culture Editor
March 7, 2022
On Jan. 29, BVH Winterguard prepares for their first showcase of the season since 2020. The purpose of this showcase was introduce what the Winterguard team has learned so far during this semester.

Let it Snow, Let it Show

Madison Knudson, Arts & Culture Editor
February 14, 2022
BVH teachers who hold two jobs have busy schedules as teachers, but also as employees for their other jobs. Oftentimes, these educators do not have the time to rest.

[Photo] The best of both worlds

Nadia Martinez, Podcast Manager
January 11, 2022
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