Behind the scenes

GTP holds in-person dance auditions since the pandemic


Madison Knudson

Junior Kai Bonggat (left) along with other students audition for Get To the Point (GTP) on April 22. They prepare for the main audition through several dance warmups.

Mayah Cerecer, News Copy Editor

On April 22, laughter echoed throughout the Bonita Vista High (BVH) dance studio as Get To the Point (GTP) dance team coordinator, Christine Timmons, held GTP dance auditions for the 2022-2023 school year. Both returning and potential members who auditioned for the team noted their uneasiness about the audition.

“There is an overall nervous energy, but it’s a shared nervous energy. It’s nice to be nervous together because you’re all going up against the same thing [a position on GTP],” junior and returning member of GTP Kai Bonggat said.

As the auditions began, dance members expressed their anxiousness while learning the choreography as it consisted of many technical dance moves such as fan kicks. However, the shared nervousness and the supportive environment allowed auditionees to overcome any profound difficulties.

One of my biggest goals for the dance team is to create a supportive environment. Even though it’s geared mostly for dance, we empower one another to be the best version of themselves.

— Get To the Point (GTP) dance team coordinator Christine Timmons

“One of my biggest goals for the dance team is to create a supportive environment. Even though it’s geared mostly for dance, we empower one another to be the best version of themselves,” Timmons said.

In previous years, GTP auditions were held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Timmons mentioned how the online setting left dancers without the connections and friendships they would usually make during in-person auditions. 

“The experience [this year] is so much better because last year was virtual. Students would have to learn this combination through video and then submit a video of them. Here, we have the live energy,” Timmons said. “I feel like students craved that connection with each other. I felt it was really easy this year to make people talk to each other and socialize. I feel it is actually an advantage.

Although GTP is BVH’s official dance team, it is not a requirement for its members to have any prior dance experience to audition. Meaning that all grade and dance levels were welcomed to try out for the GTP dance team.

“I had no experience prior to joining GTP, but everyone was really supportive in helping us develop our technique and grow as dancers,” freshman and returning member of GTP Toya Luna expressed. 

Timmons’ impartial teaching method, the means of treating everyone fairly whether they have dance experience or not, ensures that dancers not only feel comfortable learning but also grow in the dance community.

“There are definitely girls who have more dance experience, but that doesn’t impact her [Timmons] decision in terms of who gets on the team and who doesn’t. It’s all about your work ethic and attitude,as long as you come in with an open mind and a love for dance and your teammates,” Bonggat smiles “It’s not about how good your pickup skills are or how good your technique is, but about the work ethic and making sure you’re practicing, committing and putting in the time.”

Though Timmons pushes to create a comfortable environment for her dancers, many still tend to prepare themselves physically, emotionally and metally before the auditions. Before entering an audition Bonggat noted that a method he uses to expel any last minute jitters is to enter the auditions ‘feeling like his best self.’

“I stretch and do the Chloe Ting workouts. You can get your body ready to dance,” sophomore and auditionee Lyra Rhoedes said. 

It is often found that preparing your body and mind prior to entering auditions brings a smoother experience. Many of the dancers expressed their love for GTP’s friendly atmosphere and the safe learning environment at the BVH dance studio.

“That’s something really beautiful about GTP. You don’t have to be afraid,” Bonggat said.