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On Wednesday, Sept. 15, two police vehicles were present near Bonita Vista High
Another contagion spreads
Laurinne Eugenio , Jaime Jazo, and Yealin Lee September 16, 2021

On Thursday, Sept. 16, Bonita Vista High (BVH) Assistant Principal Esther Wise sent an email to students, staff and parents via Jupiter Grades regarding the ‘Devious Lick’...

On the old field of Bonita Visa High early morning September 14th, 2021, the school board got ready to throw the dirt on the old field. Signifiying that they were ready to start construction for the new field. From left to right; Carlos Siragusa, Dr. Roman Del Rosario, Christopher Alvarez, Dr. Adrian Arancibia, Nicholas Segura, Moises Aguirre and Janea Quirk
A long awaited dig
Alexa Vazquez and Eiffel Sunga September 15, 2021

Bonita Vista High (BVH) Principal Roman Del Rosario, Ed.D, looked towards the audience of student athletes and coaches sitting eagerly in the fields. He spoke into the microphone...

In this episode, Accelerated Biology and IB ESS teacher Jennifer Ekstein and IB History Honors and Women’s Culture and the US History teacher Candice DeVore talk about the importance of highlighting the mental health and wellness of teachers and staff.
Ep. 11 How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected teachers' well-being?
Nadia Martinez, Laurinne Eugenio, and Jaime Jazo July 7, 2021

In this episode, join Bonita Vista High’s (BVH) Podcast Manager Nadia Martinez, Features Editor Laurinne Eugenio and Arts and Culture Editor Jaime Jazo in their conversation about teachers’ mental health amidst the COVID-19...

Bonita Vista High students mingle in the quad after the fifth period bell rings, singling the end of class. Only a limited number of students are on campus for classes.
Shedding a light
Carina Muniz and Nicole Macgaffey June 14, 2021

“I feel like, as students, we are not being heard by our district members. It almost feels as [if] the schools themselves are more aware of their students than our district members,” an anonymous Bonita Vista High (BVH) student...


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A excerpt from BVH Senior Julian Rodriguez
A film that "Makes Us Matter"
Grace Na and Brandon Giles September 9, 2021

On Thursday, July 22, the All-American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF) announced that Bonita Vista High (BVH) senior Julian Rodriguez, along with other high school students,...

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