Compact for Success extends to the Class of 2030


Eliza Noblejas

In room 507, Mr. Hiller teaches students in Physics honors various equations. The students listen attentively while Hiller goes on about the lesson.

On Nov. 14, the Sweetwater Union High School District [SUHSD] approved the policy to extend Compact for Success through the graduating class of 2030—extending the program for another eight years. Compact for Success is the joint agreement between San Diego State University (SDSU) and the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) for students’ guaranteed admittance into SDSU. 

However, extending this agreement led to a change in the requirements needed to qualify for the program. SDSU Admissions Counselor Samantha Garcia explains these changes for the graduating classes of 2027 through 2030. 

“For the graduating classes of 2027, [the requirement is] going to be a 3.4 GPA. Graduating classes of 2028, 2029 and 2030 will be a 3.5 GPA. This current class [class of 2023], the GPA is 3.3 and last year’s was a 3.2. We’re trying to make sure the students are continuing to challenge themselves and reach for higher graduating GPAs,” Garcia said. 

Despite these minor changes, extending Compact for Success has proven to be beneficial for students, especially in a time of competitive college admissions. Bonita Vista High (BVH) Principal Lee Romero further explains that Compact for Success provides BVH students with the opportunity to obtain immediate admission to SDSU.

“[Compact for Success] gives hope kids that want to stay in San Diego and want to go to San Diego State. I personally went to San Diego State back in the day when it was much easier to get into. And now, if it weren’t for Compact [for Success], a lot of our kids probably wouldn’t get in,” Romero said. “But because our kids have this, it’s a great incentive for all the schools in our district to promote and motivate kids to do the right thing.”

One of the main reasons for extending Compact for Success is the big accomplishments of Compact for Success alumni in the past 20 years. Garcia mentions that the Compact scholars coming from SUHSD have life a positive mark on SDSU, influencing the policy to extend it past the class of 2024. 

[Compact for Success] gives hope kids that want to stay in San Diego and want to go to San Diego State. I personally went to San Diego State

— BVH principal Lee Romero

“All of the great work that has come from our Compact alumni, they’re very involved in their community. Out of all of our local students here at San Diego State [University], the majority of them are coming from Sweetwater,” Garcia said. “They’re not only coming, but they’re doing great things, they’re giving back to the community in academics and so forth. So we really want to continue to encourage that and support that.”

For junior Kaelyn Connors, the Compact for Success program relieves some anxiety of getting accepted into college. As long as student meets the given requirements, they are guaranteed admission to SDSU. 

“I think it’s a really positive thing that it extended because I know a whole bunch of people who rely on Compact for Success to get into a college. Colleges are now relying on a lot and they’re very picky,” Connors said. “So having [guaranteed admission], if you do the bare minimum, is helpful for students and it pushes them to be better.”

The most prominent reason for extending the program to the class of 2030 was to provide SUHSD students with an additional pathway after high school. Through changing the requirements needed to qualify for Compact for Success, it ensures that students are working as hard as they can in high school.

“I think [Compact for Success] ultimately provides college access for students, especially Sweetwater students, acknowledging and recognizing that it’s a large low income and first generation district,” Garcia said. “We’re bringing all of that talent onto university and helping educate them and helping them access higher things. So it brings a lot of equity into college going and admissions.”

While Compact for Success previously ended with the graduating class of 2024, it provides students of future generations with assurance that they have a chance in attending a four year university. 

“It’s also great, because it lets me know that my brother who is in sixth grade at the moment has the opportunity I have, and that generations to come are able to get the same educational opportunities I had,” Connors said.