Homework hassle no more

BVH welcomes the homework center

Students work in the BVH Homework center designed to provide a free space for students to complete assignments in the early morning. (Cherise Magtoto)

On Nov. 7, the homework center, a program to help students finish their assignments, opened at Bonita Vista High (BVH). Students can come in Monday through Thursday in BVH’s library, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.. The program provides students a peaceful area for them to work on assignments. Homework center advisor Brittney Pacini shares how the


homework center has been working out.

“[The homework center has been running] super smooth, you sign in and work on your work,” Pacini said. “I’m there every morning and I help students with homework or anything, it’s just a place for students to come in the morning and get their work done.”

Although it starts at an early time, the homework center is beneficial for students who get dropped off in the morning before school starts. They are welcomed to work indoors rather than waiting outside, in the cold. Furthermore, the homework center allows students to access materials that may help students with their homework. 

“They can use our [the library’s] computers, they can print, they can use their own laptops at a table and do what they need to do,” BVH librarian Mary Aruil said. “It’s not the most exciting place on campus, but it’s either warm or cold depending on the weather. It’s quiet and people are always welcomed.”

Although the homework center may look similar to Tutor, Educate and Motivate (T.E.A.M) Tutoring—a program where students can receive tutoring—there are a few differences. For one, T.E.A.M Tutoring is held in the cafeteria, whereas the homework center is in the library. While both places help students get their work done, the homework center focuses on providing students with s productive, quiet area. Whereas, T.E.A.M Tutoring focuses on students receiving tutoring for a certain subject along with allowing them to work on assignments. 

“In T.E.A.M Tutoring, there are specifically tutors for different subjects, whereas the homework center is  a space to work on work,” Pacini said. “Let’s say you have math homework, but you need help with it, you should go to T.E.A.M Tutoring and get help on your math homework. Let’s say you have math homework, you know what you’re doing, you can come to the homework [center].”

[The Homework center] indirectly taught me that I worked better alone and that my own pace was faster than others, so I shouldn’t have to wait for people,”

— senior Dakota Narvarro

Despite the few differences in both programs, they follow the similar rules. For example, cell phones are not permitted—both environments encourage students to complete their work, as it is not a place to hang out. This allows students to leave the homework center feeling productive for the day. Senior Dakota Narvarro shares her time being in the homework center. 

“The benefits of joining [the homework center] was that I worked harder alone. It indirectly taught me that I worked better alone and that my own pace was faster than others, so I shouldn’t have to wait for people,” senior Dakota Narvarro said.