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El Arco de Cabo San Lucas” or The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a signature landmark of the city. The highlight of senior Laurinne Eugenios trip was visiting this tourist spot.

Escape through traveling

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
January 16, 2022
Over the past few days I have learned what it means to be a driver. As a teen driver I play my part to promote safety and responsibility to those just beginning their driving journey.

How to be a teen driver

Carina Muniz, Editor-in-Chief
January 9, 2022
During the new year, senior Laurinne Eugenio does some reflection and stresses the importance of staying safe and healthy amidst the rising COVID-19 cases.

Cheers to 2022

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
January 2, 2022
Every year, my family makes our traditional holiday tamales to eat on Christmas day. This year, we donated these tamales to neighbors, family and friends which made the Christmas spirit more prominent than ever.

Giving back during a time of receiving

Carina Muniz, Editor-in-Chief
December 27, 2021
Senior Laurinne Eugenio received early admission to Harvard College.

New chapters, new beginnings

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
December 19, 2021
As a little girl, I was involved in sports like softball, playing the sport for nearly five years. However, since my entrance to high school my academic life has completely consumed my time and priorities.

Lessons learned from sports

Carina Muniz, Editor-in-Chief
December 12, 2021
BTS creates an immersive experience for all their fans by selling ARMY Bombs or light sticks at their concerts. The lights coordinate with each song they sing and connect to each seat in the stadium.

Music transcends barriers

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
December 5, 2021
Trapped with the world at my fingertips

Trapped with the world at my fingertips

Mayah Cerecer, Opinion Copy Editor
December 3, 2021
For senior Laurinne Eugenios last Homecoming dance, she wore a white fitted dress, black leather jacket and black boots. Attending school events such as dances made her realize the importance of living in the moment.

Let’s dance the night away

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
November 21, 2021
As freshman, my expectations of high school matched with those of Gabriella Montezs (Vanessa Hudgens) in the movie High School Musical. Now, as a senior, I realize that media has falsely portrayed high school.

High school, not a musical

Carina Muniz, Editor-in-Chief
November 14, 2021
Getting my drivers license allowed me to become more mature and mindful of my time management skills.

“Red lights, stop signs”

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
November 7, 2021
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