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Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

Vanessa Hernandez, Staff Artist
January 30, 2023
The Supreme Court has recently passed a legislative law protecting same-sex marriage. This has granted a sense of relief for same-sex couples.

Legislation leads to liberation

Jaylen Gladney, A&C Copy Editor
January 23, 2023
People can feel worried for gun safety on a daily basis. Many of these people include students all over the country who feel unsafe at school.

Staff Editorial: Enough is enough

Maddie Almodovar, Editor-in-Chief
January 19, 2023
Asian Americans are categorized in certain stereotypes on the daily. This may lead to harmful affects in the Asian American community.

Model minority myth

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
January 17, 2023
It had been made to believe daylight savings (DST) was originally intended for the benefit of farmer. Now daylight savings has created negative effects, becoming outdated in todays modern society.

Daylight dread

Valerie Torres, Opinion Editor
January 12, 2023
Illness brings delays to students work ethic and causes a struggle for them to catch up in school. Students only hope is to stay connected during their illness by a series of emails, leading to a decline in effective communication with their teachers.

Under the weather

Anissa Barajas, Opinion Copy Editor
January 10, 2023
In the recent years, people part of the LGBTQ+ are now having their taking health care taken away from them. This is done through legislations and laws.

A detriment for millions

Grace Na , Managing Editor
December 22, 2022
Throughout the years K-pop has rapidly grown fame, but there are some things that are ignored in the K-pop industry. These aspects have affected K-pop stars mentally and physically.

Gloom behind the glam

Eliza Noblejas, Features Copy Editor
December 14, 2022
Students group together outside their university after being accepted with the chance of using affirmative action in their application. Great diversity is seen in the student body.

Supreme Court takes action

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
December 11, 2022
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