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Playing with Legos is a selfless act of self-care that provides people the opportunity to relieve stress and worries.

Self-care through Legos

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
September 12, 2021
In recent months I have found myself capturing the calm and uncaptured moments of life. Like these uncaptured moments, the ghost girl in the mirror represents the subtle moments of beauty that occurs daily in this world.

The ghost of time

Carina Muniz, Editor-in-Chief
September 5, 2021
Bonita Vista Hight students should drink caffeinated beverages moderately in an effort to ensure a stable and balanced well-being.

I’ve learned my lesson

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
August 29, 2021
My hesitation of getting my hair cut stemmed from the anxiety of trying something new. However, with trying a new hairstyle, I found that I have opened my eyes to a new part of me.

A dedication to the lady with no name

Carina Muniz, Editor-in-Chief
August 22, 2021
Bonita Vista High (BVH) students, staff and teachers are all going through a rebuilding phase after being in quarantine for over a year and a half. The only way the BVH community can overcome the obstacles they are facing is by working together.

Rebuilding together

Laurinne Eugenio, Editor-in-Chief
August 15, 2021
After experiencing the COVID-19 virus for myself, I've come to new understandings about appreciating the little things. Among those things, my sense of taste and smell.

A COVID-19 horror story

Carina Muniz, Editor-in-Chief
August 8, 2021
Cathedral Catholic High (CCH) athletes are facing reprecussion for posting inappropriate comments towards Lincoln High (LH).

Do what’s right

Madelyn Omelina, Staff Writer
June 20, 2021
The prevalence of caffeine consumption among today's teenagers may seem alarming to some. However, there is no need to worry, especially considering the numerous health benefits of drinking tea and coffee.

Savor those sips

Evan Abutin, Opinion Editor
June 12, 2021
Taking small moments to pause and wind down with  family can make a difference in relationships. After listening it will look a little bit brighter everyday.

Life changing conversations

Melina Ramirez, Arts & Culture Editor
June 11, 2021
Before the COVID-19 Pandemic and distance learning, a high grade, such as an A, took a long and treacherous journey to achieve. Now, due to a more lenient grading system, the journey is easier.

An easy A

Jaime Jazo, Arts & Culture Editor
June 6, 2021
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