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Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Editor

I am a sophomore and am currently the News Editor for the student-run newspaper publication, the Crusader and previously worked as an Opinion Editor. I initially joined journalism due to an outside influence, but as I began to experience the classroom environment, I soon grew to love it. Throughout last year, I loved working and meeting new people within the community that made class more exciting. Journalism also developed my passion in being able to inform the community about crucial events that take place and affect everyone. Newspaper also has an impact on my growth as a person, allowing me to enhance my creative and leadership skills. Outside of the Crusader, I participate in Mock Trial, Engineering Club and MECHA Club. 

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The tradwife trend

The tradwife trend

Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Section Editor
April 18, 2024
At Bonita Vista High (BVH), campus security Oscar Paniagua observes BVH students as they enter and leave the 700s Boys restrooms. Paniagua has spent numerous years working at BVH to assist the campus to being a safe place for the BVH community.

A friend to all

Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Editor
March 10, 2024
Teachers Say

Teachers Say

Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Editor
March 6, 2024
The 2023 Spotify Wrapped was released on Nov. 29 and sophomore Maya Delgado shows her favorite music artist through her top artists, songs, genre and more. Other students expressed how their music reflects who they are and their personality.

Spotify Wrapped released

Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Editor
December 8, 2023
Biology teacher, Oscar Gracias, takes his fifth period biology class to the quad under the Bonita Vista High (BVH) tree to work in an open environment. The BVH tree gives a sense of identity to the school and students.

[Photo] A sacrifice for new renovations

Gabrielle Hebron, Opinion Copy Editor
November 13, 2023
On Oct. 25,  the Bonita Vista High (BVH) girls’ Field Hockey team face off against Eastlake High (ELH), a school in the district known for rivaling against BVH. This high octane game was fueled with the competitive spirit of old rivals facing off against each other.

Senior night sadness

Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Editor
October 30, 2023
BVH Integrated Math III teacher and Artisan Club advisor Andrea Romero-Marquez frames a students artwork from Inktober. She holds events like these to nurture her own and her students passion for art.

[Photo] The art of creating

Katie Hicks, Photographer
October 29, 2023
Warning signs are prominently becoming displayed at beaches that have been contaminated. As sewage water escapes to the ocean, people must be aware of the effects it can have if they were to enter the waters.

[Photo] The need for urgency

Gabrielle Hebron, Opinion Copy Editor
October 24, 2023
Newly recruited ASB commissioner and senior, Jose Godinez, works the afterschool shift in the ASB office on Oct. 18. Members that have been recently recruited, are starting to fulfill their role in ASB or will begin to.

[Photo] A call for extra hands

Paula Pichay, Opinion Editor
October 18, 2023
On Oct. 20 in front of room 408, Prisicilla McClain waters the garden that she and her classes tend to. McClain has taken over for both of Adrienne Marriotts Zoology and Botany classes upon her return.

“A second chance”

Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Editor
October 20, 2023
Jessica Erlenheim stamps sophomore Ella Roberts activity log.  After her daily lesson, she approaches every International Baccalaureate (IB) Analysis and Approaches (A&A) Standard level (SL) group in her class to check on student progress. 

[Photo] Turning a new page

Liam De La Fuente, Staff Writer
September 22, 2023
BVH administration plans to begin renovation of many of the old buildings and places including the main quad. The new year marks when renovation and construction begins.

[Photo] Welcoming a change

Delilah Bannister, Staff Writer
September 19, 2023
On Sep. 15, students the Bonita Vista High (BVH) parking lot. and walk to their rides. In other schools, incidents have occurred where strangers have offered students a ride.


Cielo Muniz Sigala, News Editor
September 16, 2023
Otay Ranch High (ORH) sophomores Sadia Torres-Serrano and Lindsay Huizar make hand trees in one of the workshops at the Adelante Mujer Conference on April 15. The hand trees helped each student identify their individual differences and what they love about themselves.

“Building Bridges”

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion editor
April 26, 2023
One size fits all clothing can be misleading to the people that do not fit the demographic. It is also a false reality in which one size fits all does not fit the average women size.

One size does not fit all

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
April 21, 2023
Ray Peterson can be seen teaching financial algebra, one of the few subjects he teaches. Later on in the day Peterson has a cross country team to train with.

“Most likely to succeed”

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
April 15, 2023

[Photo] Uncommon sports on campus

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
April 5, 2023
BVHs cooking club members heats up a pot of water. They plan to make pasta for there weekly Friday meetings.

[Photo] Cooking up a club

Antoinette Gilbert, A&C Section Editor
April 3, 2023
Asian Americans are categorized in certain stereotypes on the daily. This may lead to harmful affects in the Asian American community.

Model minority myth

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
January 17, 2023
On Dec. 3, the Bonita Vista High competitive cheer team performed at San Marcos Highschool at CIF. The team preformed a home cheer routine winning first place in Division II group small.

From sidelines to the stage

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
January 10, 2023
Students group together outside their university after being accepted with the chance of using affirmative action in their application. Great diversity is seen in the student body.

Supreme Court takes action

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
December 11, 2022
Construction workers finish working on recently vandalized stadium construction. Trying to avoid any more vandalism since it leads to more unnecessary work.

[Photo] Front of stadium defaced

Nico Gatten, News Editor
November 28, 2022
There is a worry when someone is suffering the life or death sentence. Many people have different opinions of the death sentence.

[Photo] On a case-by-case basis

Maddie Almodovar, Editor-in-Chief
November 27, 2022
On Oct. 31 at Bonita Vista High, Baron Buddies go around school trick or treating. Psychology teacher Laura Lowery dressed as Mary Poppins and hands out candy to a pair of Baron Buddies.

Baron Buddies say boo

Cielo Muniz Sigala, Opinion Editor
November 7, 2022
Guadalupe Gonzalez begins the class warmup as he plays the Guitarron (a large bass guitar). Each student is incorporating their own part into the symphony that is being created.

[Photo] The music to our ears

Lauralai Gilbert, Staff Artist
November 1, 2022
Every six weeks students get a new progress report reminding them of there grades

[Photo] Under time, under pressure

Amanda Cortes, Staff Writer
September 18, 2022
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