Barons Speak

What is an appropriate age to start dating?

Valentina Castruita, freshman

I think the proper age to date is around 16. If you want a real relationship where it is more mature, I would say when we are out of high school. However, I wouldn’t say all relationships in high school aren’t real either.  I would say 16 because I feel like at 14 you’re just a freshman and going through so many new things and you’re still young. At 16 I feel like you have gotten accustomed to yourself and your teenage years [so it is] more of a realistic dating age. 









Michael Maywood, sophomore

I think 15 or the start of high school because I think middle school is too early and your emotions are just everywhere. But then once you get into high school, you start settling into yourself and understand what it takes to be [in a relationship] and know more about yourself. 










Merseis Marinelli, junior

I think the most mature age to start dating is 14 to 15 years old. I feel like that’s when you’re starting to get to know yourself and testing things out. When you go into highschool you have to be at a more mature age and being in a relationship could help you do that.










Diego Cruz, senior

I think junior or senior year is when people are mature enough to date. I feel like freshmen and sophomores are not mature enough. But honestly, dating should not be in high school because there are so many other things to be focusing on instead of a relationship. A relationship does get distracting after a while and you can damage your mental health and your academics.