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Sofia Murillo, Features Editor

I am a senior this 2022-2023 school year at Bonita Vista High and a first year Features Editor for the Crusader. Although I have always loved writing, I joined the Crusader to explore working in a different environment that will push me out of my comfort zone and help improve my writing skills when it comes to relevant and to the point pieces. Through my experience with the Crusader I hope to not only learn more about my strengths and weaknesses but also involve myself and learn more about the community around me. I asked myself why I didn’t join the Crusader earlier, but as I focus on the present it is my goal to make the best out of this year and be a trustworthy leader to my peers and community to the very end. I am very excited for what this year has to offer! 

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Photography, AP 2D art and design teacher Ed Lim attends every exhibit his students work is displayed in. He shares that there are anywhere from 80 to 100 students at the YAMS.

“What a great celebration for art”

Sofia Murillo, Features Section Editor
April 28, 2023
Uncommon sports on campus

Uncommon sports on campus

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
April 5, 2023
Twins Selena (on left) and Cynthia (on right) are in the same fourth period International Baccalaureate (IB) biology. During this class session they are conducting a lab that involves dissecting a fetal pig (not shown.)

[Photo] Twinning together

Vanessa Hernandez, Staff Writer
March 27, 2023
Beginning art, advanced art and Advanced Placement (AP) drawing teacher Nicolas Braunn checks AP drawing students progress on art work. This six period class has two classes in one which is AP drawing on one side of the classroom and Advanced art on the other side.

[Photo] Lack of creative classes

Antoinette Gilbert, Arts & Cultures Editor
March 15, 2023
Students at BVH have began receiving emails from colleges based on their performance in order to guide them and help them to start thinking about their future. This has lead students to wonder what specific college and career they want to do.

[Photo] Colleges reach out

Madison Knudson, Features Editor
February 10, 2023
Bonita Vista High junior Marvin Canton collects Doc Martin Shoes, he is pictured here with a pair of White Jadons on his head, a Doc Martin 1461 Quad Betty boop platform on his left and 1461 rubberized Beetlejuice Oxford Doc Martins on Feb 2.

Kicks on campus

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
February 8, 2023
IB HL 1 and Theory of Knowledge teacher Jason Good

[Photo] Teacher’s say

Madison Knudson, Features Editor
February 6, 2023
As Valentines day approaches, the Crusader celebrates by talking to community members about their favorite romantic comedies (romcoms). A film strip captures a box of chocolates and popcorn, classic snacks for watching a romcom.

[Photo] Rom Com Reviews

Lauralai Gilbert, News Editor
February 1, 2023
At BVH, Interventions Coordinator Steven Wiggs wears a T-shirt of his late son Micah Pietila-Wiggs. Sitting on his desk are two of the seven bears made by P.E teacher Randi Wittak to honor his memory. Wittak will make five more bears for other family members in the future.

[Photo] Don’t bear the memories alone

Anissa Barajas, Opinion Copy Editor
January 30, 2023
Since Jan. 23 at Bonita Vista High (BVH), Baronial posters hang on lockers. The posters promote Baronial ticket sales for the first time in three years.

Baronial makes a comeback

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
January 25, 2023
Color Guard captain and senior Jayden Zwolinski and Color Guard member Cesar Armenta practice outside the band room at BVH. Practices become more rigorous as the winter season nears.

Preparing for a winter spectacle

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
January 11, 2023
Picture provided by Arianna Cruz’s Instagram page “@ariannamakesstuff.” It depicts two crocheted “starburst skirts”
that were to be sold at an in-person market.

Crochet your way to success

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
January 10, 2023
Mr. Martinez (left) and BVTV Crew sets up broadcasting station in order to test out camera and sound quality.

[Photo] New changes coming to BVTV

Antoinette Gilbert, Arts & Culture Copy Editor
December 27, 2022
Throughout the years K-pop has rapidly grown fame, but there are some things that are ignored in the K-pop industry. These aspects have affected K-pop stars mentally and physically.

[Photo] Gloom behind the glam

Eliza Noblejas, Features Copy Editor
December 14, 2022
Student worker and senior Angel Rodriguez walks into his 5 oclock shift on Sunday at the Chipotle in the Bonita Point Plaza.

[Photo] A working balance

Eiffel Sunga, Co Editor-in-Chief
November 14, 2022
Students may go to a registration stand but once they arrive they do know what to do. If younger generations are more informed they can make better decisions when it comes to voting.

Knowledge for the vote

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
November 9, 2022
Teachers say

Teacher’s say

Sofia Murillo, Features Editor
September 23, 2022
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Sofia Murillo