Rom Com Reviews


Sofia Murillo

As Valentine’s day approaches, the Crusader celebrates by talking to community members about their favorite romantic comedies (romcoms). A film strip captures a box of chocolates and popcorn, classic snacks for watching a romcom.

In light of Valentine’s day, the Crusader interviewed students and teachers at Bonita Vista High (BVH) about their thoughts and feelings on their favorite romantic comedy (romcom) films.

Angel Palma: Junior

“My favorite romantic movie is Juno (2007) directed by Jason Reitman. I think people should see it because of its uniqueness. At times it can be a bit corny, but I feel like that adds a certain charm to it.”

Palma has loved the movie Juno since he was young. His mother used to display the movie on the television for them to watch together. Palma explains how the protagonist faces many challenges such as teen pregnancy and how their life shifts due to said challenge.

“There’s so much to like because even if you’re not into romantic movies it can still appeal to a young teen. It shows a more realistic way of how teens would act in a sort of situation like this.”

Though the romcom contains difficult topics, it still manages to incorporate a lot of humor. Palma appreciates how the film is both relatable and realistic.

“The one thing I relate most to the movie is the dialogue. The movie proves that the dialogue of a film doesn’t have to be too childish or obscene to portray the way teens talk. The dorky characters are dorky, but not cartoonishly dorky.”

Shannon Bruce: Health Science teacher

“My favorite romcom is called Notting Hill (1999) with Julia Roberts. I’ve seen that over 100 times. And I laugh every single time I watch it,” Bruce said.

It gives Bruce her “vitamin laugh” which is “nourishing to her soul.” She finds joy in the humor of Notting hill and Bruce and appreciates the differences between the characters.

“It’s about a guy who is a bookstore owner in Britain. A very famous woman comes through the bookstore just to buy a book and they end up bumping into each other again. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you because I want you to see it. But basically they just meet up again and they ended up in this twisted little plot of romance.”

Bruce loves a good laugh. Especially when it comes to film. The movie includes some of her favorite actors and a fulfilling and humorous plot.

“This [romcom] has Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. I love them. It’s set out in Britain and I love how it has British humor. It’s fun to have a little American humor mixed up with a little British humor.”

Alexis Acosta: Junior

“My favorite romcom is Sixteen Candles (1984) directed by John Hughes. I think people should see it since it’s iconic in itself but also it’s just a good movie. It’s not super cliche like most movies and to an extent it’s pretty relatable and realistic.”

Sixteen Candles is set differently from other romcoms. The movie stars Molly Ringwald, whose character struggles to get through the day of her 16th birthday, after her family forgets about the event.

“I would recommend it not because it is super corny. In typical romcoms, they all follow the same plot, but [in this movie] it is pretty funny and it’s not super censored. It has more adult humor for kids our age.”

While the movie is humorous and includes romance, it has an important meaning to convey. Acosta finds that this movie is relatable and teaches the audience a valuable life lesson.

“This movie has taught me that sometimes we get caught up in the moment and forget about other important things, but we can’t blame each other for that. Even when you feel like no one is there for you, there’s always one person who is.”

Lannah Garcia: Senior

“I love Crazy Rich Asians (2018) directed by Jonathan Murray Chu. I think [it] is one of my favorite romcoms. I love the inclusivity they include. It just shows a fun side to romance and the jokes that they use are top notch. I just really love it, especially the artistic features.”

Garcia feels Crazy Rich Asians is a “cultural phenomenon” that has affected modern day trends. She states that she has even seen Crazy Rich Asian themed weddings. Even those who have not seen the movie, have been affected.

“That movie, every time I watch it, makes me feel very happy. It’s a comfort movie and I can never get sick of watching it.”

Garcia finds the film to be one of the best romcoms she has ever watched. It gives her a warm feeling with many mixed emotions.

“I would recommend this movie if someone is looking for one that will make them laugh. It’ll make them cringe, it’ll make them go ‘ooh, ah,’ and it’ll also make them cry very, very hard. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, along with beautiful artistry and directing. It’s just a great movie in general; Crazy Rich Asians is the one for you.”

Crazy Rich Asians teaches audiences various lessons. This includes not being afraid of rejection, as the main character accepts that her boyfriend’s mother disapproves of her, and the true meaning of love as the main character chooses to let her boyfriend go.

“I think that’s just such a beautiful sentiment about love. Love isn’t necessarily just happiness. It’s about the sacrifices you make for each other. It’s overall a very beautiful sentiment about conformity while also being about love and sacrifice.”