“An amazing opportunity”

ASB welcomes Japanese Delegates

(Left to right) Leon Mine, Alex Cruz, Tamami Kobayasi, Mayu Inoue and Natsuki Tange hangs out at the ASB during lunch while interacting with other students. The Japanese Delegate’s ultimate goal is to experience the American culture BVH students experience. (Grace Na)

On July 25, the Bonita Vista High (BVH) Associated Student Body (ASB) greeted five Japanese delegates to the campus for their two to three week stay. The students’ goals were to experience the life of an American student. 

Before the delegates arrived, the ASB members had the opportunity to decide whether or not they wanted to take on a responsibility to guide them. To receive a delegate, they had to go through an online application process that gave them the run-down of what would happen once the delegates came. During the process, the ASB members were directed to sign their name.  

“[Hosting a Japanese delegate] was a way to meet new people from different places and I thought it would be interesting,” ASB Finance Commissioner and junior Diego Dollero said.

According to ASB Technician and senior Luna Beaulieu, the ASB ambassadors—students who are representing the Japanese delegates— were notified that they will be guiding a delegate after signing themselves up in the application process. The ambassadors were aware that they had the responsibility to show the Japanese delegates around campus, take them to classes and to give them a good experience of life in America.

“[We] pretty much [knew] nothing [about the delegates] other than [the information that they were from Japan]. I didn’t have any social media to text them, so we were kind of confused at first. But once they got here, we got to know more about them, which was nice,” Beaulieu said.

When the delegates first arrived at BVH, the ambassadors greeted each new student. According to ASB student activities assistant, Christina Ada says that the ASB ambassadors all welcomed the delegates into BVH with a morning breakfast. Afterwards, the delegates were sent off with their ambassadors to their classes.

As for Japanese delegate and freshman Mayu Inoue, she was glad that she came to an American school that introduced her to new cultural differences which broadened her point of view. For example, she enjoys the idea that the students at BVH are independent and have a voice to speak about anything. She states that her experience in the school was positive.

“Everyone is so kind to me and everyone is so funny. This high school is more free than a Japanese high school,” Inoue said. 

As the ASB ambassador guided the Japanese delegates, it allowed for further interactions which led to a stronger bond in their relationships. This led to a better experience in an American high school for the delegates. 

“I think I have made an impact [during the delegate’s stay] because Mayu told me that she came into the school with a whole different mentality. [But now], she’s learning new things by the day,” Beaulieu said. 

The delegates came to BVH through an online application that gives them the opportunity to visit an American school. They received this information from EduAbroad, which was the company that made the connections between the delegates and BVH students. Through this website, Ada worked with Hiromi Shima Mura, the organizer, to welcome the Japanese delegates to an American school.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity, not only for the Japanese students visiting to see an American school, but also great for the student ambassadors to learn about the differences in cultures and the education as they’re interacting with the students,” Ada said.  

The Crusader was unable to reach Hiromi Shima Mura for her insight on the Japanese delegates.