Baron’s Speak

When do you think you should consider yourself mature?

Maya Delgado, freshman

“I think it just depends on the circumstances the person has been put into. For some people who have gone through a certain [time in their life], it has made them grow up faster and they are younger than 18. For other people maybe [they will mature at] 18. It could be 30 by the time some people mature.”










Nathan Pyle, sophomore


“I think you should consider yourself mature when you listen more than talk. When you understand more things and understand situations more and respect people. When you take situations more seriously. It also comes with situations that happen in your life, like trauma or who you are around.”











Mia Garcia, junior


“I think people should consider themself mature once they experience something either traumatic or a coming of age situation. Some become more independent if a situation makes them become more independent or when they hit that age they become mature. I say through your teens, 16-17. Even without going through something, you start becoming more independent [on your own].”









Miles Tobit, senior


“I think it often depends on the person. I think maturity for some people can even [happen in their] junior year. I think for other people it takes longer. For the people I’m around, it was junior or senior year.”