No longer temporary

Lee Romero officially assumes the role of BVH’s Principal

On November 28, BVH Principal Lee Romero drafts an in his office as the new principal of BVH. (Uriel Lopez)

On Oct. 3 Lee Romero began his term as interim principal for Bonita Vista High (BVH). A little more than a month later, on Nov. 14, the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) school board approved Romero as BVH’s official principal. Romero coming out of retirement and assuming this role came as a surprise to many, but no one is as surprised as Romero himself.

“Once I came back as the interim principal, they asked me if I would consider staying. I [initially] said no, but certain circumstances changed my mind. I decided to throw my hat and [said] yeah, I’ll stay,” Romero said.

Romero received a 5-0 vote from the SUHSD board, meaning all five board members voted to approve his return to BVH as the principal. Romero’s past affiliation with the school has been a contributing factor to his decision to become the official principal, however there were specific circumstances that truly inspired him to return. 

“The first staff meeting that we had on October 3, I came in here and met the staff and introduced myself and they were so pleasant. They were kidding around about me coming back and all this kind of stuff. I thought that was nice. But as I went on, many staff members came up to me and said they would really want me to come back,” Romero said.

Romero acknowledges the stress of his new responsibilities as principal. He strives to inspire his staff to do more in the hopes that real progress can be made at the school.

“I feel a sense of responsibility. Number one to the students, but also the staff,” Romero said. “I always believe that to be a good leader, you have to inspire people to do their best, because it’s easy to just be average and just kind of run the motions, and do your normal, minimal job. But I know from sports, a good coach inspires you to do more.”

One of Romero’s biggest priorities within his new role is to listen to people. In the upcoming weeks, he intends to hold meetings with the staff and discuss important topics. Assistant Principal Jason Josafat explains his appreciation towards the questions being asked and answered by Romero in a welcoming manner.

“It’s really cool. He’s opening up conferences to anyone who wants to talk to him. He will ask them to answer three questions. What do you love about Bonita? What do you think needs to change about Bonita? And how can we make that change?” Josafat said. 

Once Romero finds the commonalities of those answered questions he will then proceed with making changes on campus. There are a lot of thin gs Romero is looking forward to, and a lot of things that his staff is excited about seeing from him. 

“I think that he brings in an energy here that’s going to build upon what we already have, which is a really good school, and in many cases great, but he can take it to the next level. I’m really excited to see that,” Josafat said.