Longtime Assistant Principal Secretary leaves BVH for promotion

BVH Assistant Principal Secretary Jacqualine Hernandez works in her cubicle in the main office. Upon entering, Hernandez can be seen helping out with paperwork or greeting and assisting parents
BVH Assistant Principal Secretary Jacqualine Hernandez works in her cubicle in the main office. Upon entering, Hernandez can be seen helping out with paperwork or greeting and assisting parents
Lauralai Gilbert

After more than a decade of taking on the role as BVH’s Assistant Principal Secretary, Jacqualine Hernandez has received a new job opportunity. Hernandez plans to leave the campus to pursue her new career as SUHSD Construction Planning Specialist. This new job allows her to reminisce on her history with BVH.

“Before I worked here, I was attending college and working as a student in the SUHSD office. A job opening came up at BVH. I applied and I have held the position of Assistant Principal Secretary at [BVH] for the past 21 years,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez’s new job provides her the opportunity to assist both BVH and SUHSD simultaneously, by assisting with construction projects in the district. With her previous experiences as real estate agent, her ability to work with construction planning compliments her new position. BVH Principal Lee Romero hopes to see where Hernandez’s work takes her along with how she overcomes her challenges.

“She learned a lot and is ready for a new challenge. This job for her will not only be a different challenge but it’s something that she liked and when she’s not working here she does real estate so she understands construction,” Romero said.

With Romero supporting her in various ways, Hernandez looks forward to her future as SUHSD’s construction planning specialist. Romero had continuously taken upon himself to assist Hernandez with her new journey, since the beginning. 

“She was thinking about applying for the new job, so I gave her a letter of recommendation because she’s so well qualified. We hope for the best as she moves on, but we’re going to miss her,” Romero said.

Another faculty member who will miss Hernandez is BVH Senior Office Assistant Claudia Roman. Roman is Hernandez’s close friend of 13 years and frequently socializes with her on campus. Through the connections they have built overtime, Roman expresses happiness for her friend’s  new career.

“I feel very excited and happy for her. She’s been here for a very long time and has been wanting change and growth for her future. Although we won’t see each other on a regular basis, I know she will be on campus once in a while and see each other,” Roman said.

Keeping their strong friendship in mind, Hernandez intends on keeping connection with her colleagues like Roman and Romero. While Romero guides Hernandez towards her next step, he also reminisces on the memories they have shared. Romero embraces her nature as a kind person and how much of a positive effect it is on himself and BVH.

“In my one and a half years of working here, she always greeted me with a smile. She’s always very happy and very helpful. She translates for me because I can’t speak spanish. She’s going to be impossible to replace because she has such a great personality,” Romero said.

Hernandez’s assistance and bright personality will be remembered by her colleagues after she leaves. While she works outside of BVH, she plans on visiting the campus for events and to visit her peers who she made memories with.

“I loved working with Romero. Romero brings a friendly professional environment to our BVH office. I am going to miss the BVH staff and students, but I will still be around to show my support to BVH since my husband coaches the wrestling team here at BVH,” Hernandez said.

Romero continues to hope for the best and sees a bright future for the path Hernandez is planning on following. He compliments the hard work and friendly attitude she has brought to BVH, and sees them as qualities that would assist her throughout her journey.

 “I hope for her happiness, I hope for her prosperity [and] I hope that she’s in her new job with added income and able to take care of her family even better. Not only is she a good worker, but she is an amazing friend of ours,” Romero said.

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