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Previous BVH Attendance Coordinator, David Cobian, becomes new ASB Advisor
New Associated Student Body (ASB) Advisor David Cobian assists recently elected ASB secretary and junior, Valeria De La Fuente during the start of lunch. Outside of the office, seniors line up for prom, one of Cobians first major event as the new ASB Advisor.
New Associated Student Body (ASB) Advisor David Cobian assists recently elected ASB secretary and junior, Valeria De La Fuente during the start of lunch. Outside of the office, seniors line up for prom, one of Cobian’s first major event as the new ASB Advisor.
Dani Fincher

On April 1, coming back from spring break, students were welcomed by the new BVH Associated Student Body (ASB) Advisor David Cobian. Previous ASB Advisor, former Attendance Coordinator and Math teacher Christina Ada temporarily filled in the position beginning in the early 2023 school year. She is stepping down from the role to finish gathering her credentials to take on the ASB Advisor position permanently later in the future . 

Cobian previously worked at a digital online school known as Launch Virtual Academy. Serving as their ASB Advisor, he began looking for a change in scenery as he preferred in person contact with students and teachers. 

“I am excited about this appointment and [the] opportunity. The fact that I will be working with students in person again, is exciting, because I get  to interact with them and still use those online skills that I have acquired. It makes me more versed in a particular skill set that allows me to teach students what I have learned,” Cobian said.

During the last week of spring break, Ada has assisted Cobian with the process of transitioning and reintroducing him to the BVH campus. Cobian started his application process in early March as he looked forward to the face to face interactions that came with the job. He shares his excitement towards the different experience he is used to.

“I’m engaging more with students, I’m seeing them in person. At my previous school it was all virtual and digital. We had a hybrid model where students got to come in person, so I got to meet with them. Here, I’m seeing them every day and the tasks are run daily. As you can see the students are working, getting ready for assemblies and also for school,” Cobian said.

Throughout the time that Cobian has been working at BVH he has been interacting with students and finding  the workplace more motivating than virtual classrooms. While Cobian is still new to this position at BVH, he appreciates the support he has received from faculty and staff. Ada shares her experience with working with Cobian in the past.

“Cobian was here as our Attendance Coordinator and he’s a former math teacher, so I worked in the math department. He’s a really great guy. I think he’ll be an asset to the school as we work well together. This transition will be smooth and he’ll be good for the BVH students,” Ada said.

Ada shares her great hopes she has for him and his beneficiary for the school. Cobian takes the time to review resources from previous activities and assemblies that were held. He looks for inspiration for upcoming events like Prom and the MORP assembly.

“I was looking at a binder from [the] 2018-19 [school year], and I was referencing it, [for future activities] and looking at some rich history. There’s a lot of events that BVH has had. I am [also] asking the ASB students, while they are coaching and teaching me some of the traditions BVH had,” Cobain said.

During his time of prepping for his position, he studied the latest assembly that took place and the planning by Ada and ASB students. He took notice of the scripts, the practices and all the decor that was displayed which would assist him with upcoming ideas for near-future activities.

“I’ve told the students, I’m a support piece. I’m here to support their vision, because it is ASB and it’s student driven. I’m a big fan of that. As well, I’m thankful for the staff here. They’re guiding me and given me that sense of inspiration and a good sense of direction on how we’re going to finish off this year with the students’ vision,” Cobian said.

Furthermore during his time at BVH he began assisting the community by spreading the word of his return. BVH principal Lee Romero expresses how Cobian will be a great addition to the BVH staff and he will utilize his strong leadership and authoritative skills.

“Cobian coming in would be very helpful for us because we have another person on staff. The school has been down an Assistant Principal (AP) for almost the entire school year. It burdens the rest of us because we have to cover all the day supervision and night supervision,” Romero said.

Throughout the past few years, various staff members have departed from BVH resulting in one less AP than the school required. Romero shares how Ada and Cobian are similar and very helpful for the school.

“Ada is not going to drop any of her duties as planned for the rest of this year. For graduation she’s going to help Cobian [with] his transition [to BVH]. Ada will be continuing to work in the office as the Attendance Coordinator and the Athletic Director so she’ll have very strong ties with Cobian and I,” Romero said.

As a result of Cobian coming in as BVH’s new ASB Advisor, Ada continues to watch and support the school. Ada will be spending the time by getting certified as an AP to one day become an ASB advisor for BVH again. Romero describes his appreciation of how Cobian’s return will be a good thing for the BVH community.

“He’s a hard working guy like Ada. […] He knows a lot of the students here which will benefit him because he’s going to come in here knowing the school, knowing all the staff, and he’ll make the transition be very seamless,” Romero said.

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