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COVID-19 cases in San Diego County and Chula Vista according to the San Diego Union Tribune and the city of Chula Vista’s website.

SUHSD considers reopening in October

September 8, 2020

In response to recent developments regarding the COVID-19 status in San Diego county, the Sweetwater Union High School District “is considering a return to partial in-person instruction for some of our students after Fall break in early October” according to an email sent to students and families on Sept. 8. 

“In-person instruction is contingent upon several factors that are outlined in our Reopening Plan. When the San Diego County and local COVID-19 rates are sufficiently low for us to consider in-person instruction, we may select a small number of students based on the most critical needs such as the need for special education services, evidence of learning loss, and lack of connectivity,” the Sweetwater Reopening Team wrote in their email to students and families.

As part of their planning ahead of reopening, the district has sent surveys to parents and students on Sept. 8, asking questions regarding community members’ thoughts on returning to on-campus instruction. 

“In order to plan successfully for this transition, we are seeking input from parents, students, and staff. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions,” is stated in the email.

The student survey consists of the following three questions: “Are you ready to return to in person school? When Sweetwater decides to begin in person instruction, what is your personal preference? How comfortable are you with returning to in person learning?”

In addition to considering input from SUHSD community members, SUHSD is also following the reopening plan released on July 23, which consists of five stages. 

Our process for reopening remains the same. For the last several months, we have been developing plans to ensure we do everything possible to ensure healthy environments for our students and employees. District leadership has also been working with our employee associations to develop memoranda of understanding that address conditions in our schools before employees return to school sites,” was stated on Aug. 18 on the SUHSD website. 

Aug. 18 was also the day on which San Diego county was removed from the COVID-19 watchlist, initiating a 14-day period during which the county would have to remain under a case threshold in order for K-12 schools to reopen. 

Sept. 8 marks three weeks since that date, and SUHSD reports, “schools may now reopen when they are prepared to do so.”

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  1. Derek Czapek on September 10th, 2020 7:36 pm

    It seems like a very sudden decision- but a good one! Many students struggle with connectivity and study spaces, so I think we are taking a step in the right direction. I do worry about actually enforcing masks and the serious health risks that come along with it though. It will be interesting to see the district’s response to that setback.

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