Barons Speak

Ciel Shaw-Garcia, freshman





I would say yes and no because we are there and visible somehow, and we get a little bit of representation. But when it actually comes to changing and voting for things, I don’t say we actually get representation in media and articles because people show more of Whites and Christian perspectives instead of showing everyone and being world diverse.




Tai Cassel-Engen, sophomore





Not at all. I think that people of color are extremely misrepresented because the socio-economic classes of the nation have those in lower classes discouraged to vote. Unfortunately, because of the way our nation was built, people of color are generally in those classes, their vote doesn’t get heard and don’t end up as president in the United States or members of Congress.”




Lannah Garica, junior



No, I don’t think that POC are well-represented. One [reason] is the blatant structural racism that has been prevalent in our society because white people are always seen as more important and should be in higher positions of power in political standpoints. POCs often aren’t given the vote because of racism that’s covered up by the issues we have with political bias.







Henry Tang, senior





I think it’s definitely getting better. For a long time, I assumed that the [majority of the] government was white people. There’s a large minority population and that’s not changing. I think that it’s been hard for me, as an Asian American, to identify with politicians because many aren’t [from] that [descent].